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10 Coolest Clubs at Macquarie University

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Ratna Prabha
10 Sep 2018
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Singing, dancing, engaging in various hobbies, making friends and other fun activities enhance the joyful experience of college life. Joining your favorite clubs and societies is the best way to enjoy extracurricular activities at college so that you have a well-rounded and meaningful education. Here are 10 of the coolest clubs at Macquarie University:

1) Macquarie Singers

A choir This choir was established in 1967 and has both staff and students in it. This group performs two major concerts each year and also participates at special events including singing Christmas carols at a local hospital. Perfect for those who love to sing!

2) Macquarie Ancient History Association

Egyptian ancient history Commonly referred to as MAHA and established in 1978, this club’s primary aim is to promote and spread the learning of ancient history. Now, this society has access to the latest research information for all history enthusiasts. It organizes lectures, social events, and learning opportunities for its members. Unmissable for history buffs!

3) Macquarie University Association for Astronomy

a picture of a telescope With the intention of taking the fascinating study of astronomy to the public, this association organizes regular events including observatory sessions, planetarium sessions, astronomy open nights, and scout groups for astronomy enthusiasts.

4) Society for the Study of Early Christianity

The Bible SSEC is a society dedicated to the study of the New Testament. The club organizes events, conferences, and presentations with the aim of understanding the context of the New Testament in modern times, to build resources in the form of books, coins, papyri, and more. A perfect place to delve deep into the Bible!

5) Women in Engineering

Women in engineering Aimed at providing extra support to the women doing undergraduate engineering courses, this group is comprised of students, women academics, and staff. As a member of this group, you will get extra networking opportunities and role models specifically for women.

6) VegeSafe

Soil testing VegeSafe is run by the students and staff of the Environmental Science department at Macquarie University and provides services to test for metals in the soil using XRF technology.

7) Cheerleading Club

Cheerleading team in action Learn to have fun cheering your team as you tumble, jump, and dance through various sporting events. The members of the cheerleading club are highly competitive and participate in multiple events right through the year.

8) Cricket Club

Playing cricket Calling all cricket fans! This club has many teams that play and wins matches across Australia. It is open to everyone who wishes to play competitive cricket at exacting standards.

9) Dance Club

A dancer giving a pose The club specializes in numerous dance styles including hip-hop, pop, contemporary, cheerleading, and jazz. It welcomes dancers and dance lovers at various skill levels and backgrounds.

10) Rowing Club

Rowing a boat If you love rowing, then you must join this club which promises to support and help its members achieve their individual dreams in this exciting sport.

Top Events During the School Year at Macquarie University

1) RU OK? Day

dealing with stress An important skill to have in today’s stressed-out world is to ask your friends and family, “Are you Ok?” This event features an expert from the field of psychology to give you insights on how to ensure you keep asking your friends, colleagues, and family members this important question so they know that they can always get help and not feel alone.

2) Faking It: Manuscripts from the Margin

real cat vs fake cat Today, the news and social media abound in fake news. Learning to discern the truth from the fake is a critical skill. This event features 12 domestic and global experts to help you understand the differences between originals and fakes.

3) Gender Equity Summit

Gender equity This summit is held every six months and involves brainstorming by gender equity champions from all departments who work together to drive change towards a more inclusive and diverse culture in the University/

4) Modern Greek Conference

Understanding Greek studies Participation in this event is open to students and academics, and others interesting in the future of Greek study. The event aims to explore the various facets of Greek Studies including Greek culture and research and community engagement.

5) Australasian Actuarial Education and Research Symposium

Data analytics and actuarial science This annual event which has been taking place since 2008 brings together students, practitioners, and academicians involved in actuarial science. One of the primary objectives of this annual event to strengthen the connection between data analytics and actuarial science.


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