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10 Macquarie University Library Resources You Need to Know

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Lauraanna Quinting
20 Sep 2018
5 min read
Macquarie University is a public research university based in Sydney, Australia, in the suburb of Macquarie Park. Because it is a public research university is relies heavily on money from research. Here are 10 different resources from the library that can help you out.

1.General Chat

The general chat is used if you have questions but need them answered asap. Mainly use this in a dire time. But be sure to ask at hours of operation for best results.  you will be notified when a librarian is able to chat


Many students need help on how to properly reference sources. The library is there to help. If you have any questions a representative is more than willing to show the ropes.  different avenues for referencing work


This survey is for the good of you and the library. It takes only 4 min and allows the library to make great improvements. You might also win prizes. win prizes for your opinion


Many people do not know what copyright means or how to properly cite sources. Which is why the library has a tab describing what copyright is. It also details copyright in different areas such as research.  image for the definition of copyright


Borrowing allows for students to have access to material they might need for longer amounts of time. Online you can check your loans as well as dates and when things are overdue. You can even check online for your cut off limit on books.  graphic of man borrowing a book

6.Study Support and Assignments

This is a tab that offers students different methods for working on proper studying. It can give resources to students that are even honed in on their particular field. Such example would be studyWISE which helps with English and reading.  the logo that is used for study wise


The collections are more so private books that are categorized based on a commonality. These are more rare books and clippings that are work visiting. A few examples are maps and videos.  collection of rare books to be used with care

8.Teaching Support

The library is there for you in need of information to teach. You have access to special audio video files. You also can reserve readings or manage your bibliography references in a compact spot.  teaching support for those who need it

9.Contact the Library

You can contact the library in an array of different avenues. The librarians are active on social media accounts. As well as you can call during regular business hours.  different ways to contact library


There is an array of different workshops the library holds. These are research oriented and are great if you need additional help. Make sure to pre register for these events. conduct research in the privacy of home after workshop

Locations at the Library in Macquarie University

*There is only one library from what I could research*


There are floors available for those who are in need of printing. These floors consist of levels 1,2, and 3. You can use either a provided computer or your own laptop.  printing documents can have a world of options


This is a special room that puts on display different art. Visit this room if you are interested in learning the history of artists. The location changes displays regularly with a few semi permanent pieces.  the name lachlan comes from a governor of south wales


The cafe is ran through campus dining. It allows for students to enjoy a quick snack after a long time of studying. Students need a place to refuel or take a much needed break.  macquarie university library cafe fuels with coffee

4.Smoking Area

The library for the most part is a smoke free zone. But there is a special area that allows for smoking. Do not try to smoke outside of the area.  smoking zone sign that alerts where to smoke


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