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Top 10 Residences at Macquarie University

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Chelsea Bailey
18 Sep 2018
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Macquarie University is an institution with over 40,000 students and 2000 staff. It is an institution that has risen over the past 50 years to be an influential university locally and internationally. There are a number of residences provided near or at the school for students accommodation. Here are the top 7 residences at Macquarie University.

1. Dayman Apartments

Dayman Apartments consists of self-catered apartments for students seeking an independent living, privacy and a sanctuary for study. It consists of single share apartments and a variety of contemporary studio living. There is underfloor heating for winter, common rooms, games spaces and an outdoor courtyard area. Dayman apartments

2. Dunmore Lang College

Dunmore Lang College is a residence ideally for domestic or international students or students who are straight from home. It offers them with transitional support into campus life. It consists of fully furnished rooms in the 3 storey residential block. There is pastoral care, cleaning services, free Wi-Fi and resident tutors. Dunmore Lang College

3. The Herring Road Apartments

These are self-catered apartments for students looking for a reliable and affordable independent living. It consists of spacious apartments with full kitchen, living room, shared bathroom, dining area and an internal laundry. Herring Road Apartments

4. Iglu

Iglu is a convenient residence for students looking for a nice place to stay, study and still be close to the city. It consists of private studios and contemporary shared apartments with plenty of indoor spaces for studying and socializing. There is free Wi-Fi, social, academic support and on site laundry services. Iglu

5. Macquarie University Village (MUV)

Macquarie University Village (MUV) offers independent living accommodation to domestic and international students and is also ideal for groups of friends. It consists of one, two or five bedroom apartments with dining area, full kitchen, a living area and en-suite bathrooms. Macquarie University Village

6. Morling Residential College (MRC)

This is a 100 bed accommodation for undergraduate students. It is safe and secure space for studying and is also alcohol free. There is socialization, support services and leadership opportunities. Morling Residential College

7. Robert Menzies College

Robert Menzies College is a residence ideally for domestic and new international students or straight out of home students. It is safe and alcohol free. There is pastoral care, a variety of meal plans, parking and Internet. Robert Menzies College

8. 207/42 Walker Street, Rhodes

This is a student accommodation structured to suit your student needs. It consists of private room with a private bathroom. There is a shared kitchen and laundry facilities in the room. 207/42 Walker Street, Rhodes

9. 114/38 Shoreline Rhodes

114/38 Shoreline Rhodes is an accommodation for students at Macquarie. It consists of two bedrooms with two private bathrooms. They are furnished and on-site laundry is free. 114/38 Shoreline Rhodes

10. Sydney Student Living Top Ryde

This is a student accommodation for all students from different backgrounds. It consists of twin shared studios fully furnished with private bathrooms. There is bike storage, laundry facilities, shared kitchen, entertainment areas and study area. Sydney Student Living Top Ryde

Here is your Move-in Day Packing list at Macquarie University

1. Room Basics

Organized bed Beddings Clothes School supplies Mattress topper Decorations

2. Food and Snacks

food and utensils Candy Soda Water bottles Energy bars Snacks Groceries

3. Tech & Entertainment

Entertainment Chess board Movies Cell phone Laptop Chargers Netflix

4. School Supplies

School office supplies Text books Pens\pencils Sticky notes Binders Notebooks

5. Cleaning Up & Organizing

Cleaning Up and Organizing Lysol wipes Hampers Folders Hangers Bathroom cleaning supplies

6. Campus Gears

 backpack Umbrella Walking shoes Backpack Campus gear like sweatshirt Water bottle

7. Items you should ask first before bringing

ask Flammables Hover boards Big pieces of furniture like sofas Pets Halogen lamps Iron board


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