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Are you a First-year McGill student, and you missed the Winter Activities night? Maybe a U3 trying to squeeze in that last opportunity to participate in some extracurricular? Well look no further, here are the best of the best clubs at McGill! 

1. McGill Students Wine Society

Do you consider yourself a seasoned sommelier? Do your parents own a vineyard, and you want to impress them? Or maybe you want to start impressing your date with your new-found knowledge on wine…McGill’s Wine Society is perfect for you! This club provides many opportunities to converse with fellow wine-enthusiast students about wine industry, history, and culture, and organizes some interesting trips to go wine-tasting. You can even learn about making your own wine – good-bye last minute runs to the dep.!

2. Herbivore Society for Peace and Justice

Need something to go with that wine? How about trying some cruelty-free vegan food? The herbivore society at McGill is a super inclusive political activist group at McGill that focuses on the ecological and personal benefits of reducing consumption of animal products, with an acknowledgement for what impacts different socio-economic backgrounds can have on the ability to commit to an animal-product-free lifestyle.



3. Dragon Boat Z

Dragon Boat Z is a McGill sport’s team that participates in mixed dragon boat race competitions. They undergo intense training during the year, then after reaching a power level of over 9000, they race in the summer. Check it out!

4. McGill Muggle Quidditch Club

Not an anime fanatic? How about a Harry Potter enthusiast? The McGill Muggle Quidditch Club is proud to be Canada’s first Quidditch club. They have two teams for an all-inclusive sporty experience for anyone interested in trying out this intense game in real life. Travelling all over Canada for tournaments, “McQuid” is a proud winner of the 2015 Eastern Regionals and the second-placers at Canadian Nationals, so grab your broomstick and get your game on!

5. McGill Students for Right to Play

Too tired to actually play a sport? Right To Play is an international organization that uses humanitarian efforts combined with the power of sport to educate disadvantaged kids around the world. You can recognize club participants cycling on the spin bikes in the Y during the warmer months, as well as other initiatives that run campus-wide. #FORTHEKIDS


F word is an inclusive, trans-positive, anti-racist, LGBTQ friendly, anti-ableist, pro-survivor biannual publication that discusses the many contexts and implications of today’s feminism(s). This club offers a place to discuss the ideas and thoughts on the topic of feminism to forester empowerment and build community.

7. McGill Students’ Visual Arts Society

Feeling the absence of visual arts courses at McGill? The McGill Students’ Visual Arts Society will help you develop your visual arts skills in a creative community space. Whether your skills are that of a 5-year old or of Vincent Van Gogh, this group welcomes you (and even offers supplies!)

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