1. Agreeable ArtSci

Commonly known to be for the smart students who just don’t know what they’re the smartest at yet, they just love EVERY program! An ArtSci could probably talk for hours with genuine interest about both catabolic metabolism and Nietzsche. I mean, these people write essays about math. With a love for every subject close to your heart, they might be the easiest to get along with. The only disagreeable part about them is that they also love the subjects you hate.

2. Exhausted Engineer

They have 37 hours of class every week, and aren’t afraid to remind you. Over and over again. On the HSR, while eating lunch, while helping you with math, on a date…the list goes on. They work harder than any of you. ANY OF YOU. Did I mention 37 hours of class a week?

3. Heroic Hummer

Humanities is the study of human experience. Our beloved Hummers eat critical thinking skills for breakfast, and can knock off an essay about the human condition at the same time. They know our past and probably our future too. They know exactly what mistakes not to repeat. A humanities student is going to save the world one day, mark my words. Right after that 8 page essay…

4. Sociable SocSci

Social science students, true to the program name, are some of the friendliest around. They have a reputation for throwing great parties and making close friends. They study a huge range of topics, from anthropology to psychology. With programs like social work in the mix, SocScis make great advocates for people who need help most, and great friends too!

5. Kinetic Kins

You’ll meet a kinesiology student in the gym. Maybe you’ll meet one at a football game, cheering in the stands. While going for a hike in Cootes, you’ll also meet one. Kinesiology students are known for being involved with anything with “get up and go”! Ask them for advice on post workout stretches or about that sore muscle you have.


6. Hardcore HealthSci

Your friends in Health Science have a goal. They will, under any circumstances, get a 12. Even if it means skipping sleep 3 nights in a row to finish yet another group project, they will get a 12. It will happen. This stereotype isn’t completely true. HealthScis love their friends and family, and definitely know how to have a good time. They are creative thinkers and great at working on teams. But they do like their GPA.

7. Bountiful Business

They will be rich one day, with a bounty of stocks in their portfolios and respectable bank balances. They dream of one day being Canada’s Donald Trump. For now, they have plenty of parties!

8. Nice Nurses

With a welcome week cheer like “WE HELP PEOPLE”, what else could you call them? Nursing students work really hard to learn how to be the best they can be. They make great friends, even if they try diagnosing you sometimes. When you meet one, give them a hug.

9. Sensible Scientists

The science faculty is huge, spanning chemistry, physics, biology, math, earth sciences, and the elusive integrated science. One thing in common between all science students is the analytical thinking they are taught from day one. You might see them roll their eyes at the latest health fad or shudder at a sensationalized newspaper headline. These students have good heads on their shoulders.

10. Best Buds

One day, you’ll meet somebody who you connect with. Regardless of program, you two will get along really well. Maybe you’ll meet a few of those people. These are your best buds. Throughout your McMaster experience, tons of people will pass you by. Your best friends are the Marauders who will stick around, through thick and thin. They are the people you will always remember.


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