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The popular question among first years is, “what are the easy courses at McMaster University?” University can seem daunting after all, and five courses may seem like quite a bit to jump into. Knowing that your elective is easy can take a bit of stress off your shoulders. Look no further. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at McMaster University.

1. ASTRO 1F03 – Astronomy

Like looking at the stars? Interested in the great beyond? Fascinated by physics? Then this is the course for you. In this introductory course, you have 1 project, 1 midterm, and 1 exam. Easy peasy, right? And the best part is how interesting the course material is, and if you have taken high school physics then the course should be a breeze.

2. GEOG 1HA3 – Human Geographies: Society and Culture

If you’re into world issues, then this may be the course for you. In 1HA3 you will look into a collection of different topics, including the geographies of religion, ethnicity, languages, culture, politics, and more. There is a midterm and a final for this course, as well as a few assignments. However, since the material is overall fairly straightforward, maybe just review your lecture notes? Sounds pretty sweet.

3. SOCWRK 1A06 – Introduction to Social Work

If the above topic was interesting, but you’re more into the different types of oppression that arise due to culture and the other topics you would discuss in Geography, then this is the course for you. You’ll dive into racism, sexism, ageism, classism and more of the many words that end in –ism. You’ll also look into mental health issues and child welfare. The best part, is that the content of the course is very straightforward. So for this course, there’s no need to worry about being like this guy:

4. ANTH 1A03 – Intro to Cultural Anthropology

Now if you’re really passionate about learning how societies work and the study of culture, here’s another course for you. This course (1A03) is said to be the easiest of the Anthros. You’ll delve into a cross-cultural study about people, their way of life, and their way of interpreting their world. Get ready to look at many different cultures.

5. LING 1A03 – Introduction to Linguistics

Interested in words and the study of languages? Here’s a course that’s not quite like any other. You’ll study phonetics (the sound of the human language), phonology (how sounds are systematically used in a language), and morphology (the structure and content of words). It’s like the alphabet, but on steroids. Interested in the science behind getting tongue-tied? Here’s where to learn all about it.

6. ENVIRSC 1C03 – Climate, Water, and Environment

Based on the title, this course is about…. Drum roll… the weather! You’ll learn about water balance, sustainability, how humans impact the environment, soil erosion, water pollution and many more topics up that alley. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? In fact, it sounds familiar to that short unit in high school on ecosystems. That isn’t too far off. The content is interesting, and the professor has a good reputation.

7. MMEDIA 1A03 – Multimedia and Digital Society

This course looks at a variety of different art techniques, including photography, videography, and coding. The projects are interesting and fun to complete, for example… making a piece of technology like a record player at home. You’ll learn about influential thinkers and what they said about success, career, and technology. Is talent or hard work the key to success? Find out here.

8. THTR&FLM 1T03 – Theatre, Cinema, and Society

Like movies? Who doesn’t, right? Well in this course, you get to watch them for homework. Of course it’s a little more in depth than that. You’ll analyze creative decisions and how they change what the audience response is. But in all honesty… how awesome is it that one of the assigned ‘readings’ is Avatar?

9. ECON 1B03 – Microeconomics

Learn about supply and demand, and why prices rise and fall. This course has straightforward content that is easy to understand. About as hard as the math gets is the basic grade nine slope formula. The theory behind the economy is easy to learn, and if you get Hannah Holmes as your professor, then rest assured that she is probably the sweetest professor you’ve ever met. Don’t worry, supply and demand is not statistics.

10. ART 1TI3 – Making Art and Understanding Technology and Images

This course explores photography, videography, and coding. It discusses technology and how it has impacted our world, including questioning if Facebook is making us lonely, and the existence of cyborgs. There are in class assignments each week in order to help you explore artistic decisions. If you complete them within the guidelines, it is easy to get an A+. The final exam is fill in the blank, and the information is interesting to read and learn about. Best part? The only ‘text book’ is a famous novel “The Circle” by Dave Eggers. Chances are you already read this in high school.

Take this with a grain of salt, as in the end, you’ll find a different course easier than your roommate. You might like doing projects more than writing exams or vice versa. So my biggest piece of advice is to find a course that you think is interesting!


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