Tired of spending three mornings a week in a boring physics lecture? Sometimes we’re just too tired of learning the same old stuff, and it’s just not interesting. Why not bring some more excitement to that schedule of yours? Here are 10 of the coolest courses at McMaster University:

1. PHIL 2TT3: Ethical Issues in Communication

This course discusses the ethics and morals behind the things we see on TV, in movies, magazines or anywhere else in popular media. If you enjoy debates and discussing what’s right or wrong, this course might be for you.

2. LING 1A03: Introduction to Linguistics

This is probably the most unconventional kind of language class you’ll take. The study of sounds in languages. Learn why different letters and words sound in a variety of languages and the effects of different sounds on the human mind.

3. HIST 1FF3: History in a Small Group Setting

This class works in a different way. It’s based on having discussions with a small group of people. So if you like history, it could be just hanging out and talking about something you enjoy.

4. Psych 2AP3 – Abnormal Psychology

Mental Illnesses are something that most people are unfortunately not well educated on. Not to mention, it’s a very interesting thing to learn about. The course discusses everything about common mental illnesses, including causes, symptoms and potential ways of treating mental illnesses.

5. SUSTAIN 1S03: Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainability covers some very important concepts, about its impact on society. The lectures cover a very wide range of content, and did I mention there’s no tests or final exam?

6. ANTHROP 3FA3: Forensic Anthropology

Ever wondered how we come to determine the age of an ancient dead body? Or how the cause of death is discovered? That’s what this course is all about, studying Forensics and how we can use it to study mass disasters, solve human rights cases and even solve crimes (like Sherlock Holmes… sort of).

7. CS 1JC3: Introduction to Computational Thinking

Now this course isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of programming and computers involved and that stuff can throw a lot of us off. But if it doesn’t, you might wanna consider taking Introduction to Computational Thinking, which is just a fancy way to say Artificial Intelligence. This course is all about the technology behind programs that can think and function on their own, like Apple’s Siri, or IBM’s Watson.

8. Astronomy/Origins 2B03: The Big Questions

This course looks at the bigger picture of the universe. Everything including where things are, when things happened and what we expect to happen in the universe in the future. It’s like a big geography, history and science lesson about space. Not to mention the course looks at the multiverse theory (yes, like in the movies).  

9. Commerce 4SX3: White Collar Crime

Business isn’t all about crunching numbers and fancy jargon, this course is all about the crime that goes on in the world of money. Covering everything from insider trading to tax evasion, this course looks at popular cases of white collar crime, and how it’s discovered.

10. ANTHROP 2R03: Religion, Magic and Witchcraft

Last but not least, Magic. This one should be easy enough, learning about Magic and Witches has to be the coolest thing that can go on in a lecture hall.


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