Reflections on natural disasters

GLG 121 at Miami University is an introductory geology course focused on human interaction with the environment. It covers a wide range of topics, including earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, flooding, volcanoes, land use, and water quality. Ideal for the even the student partial to social sciences, this course will prove both enjoyable and easy.

1. The lecture format is simple

Although the classes are large (around 80 students), the professor delivers the material in coherent presentations and welcomes any questions along the way. He even provides the powerpoint slides in advance so you can print them out and follow along.

2. There’s nearly no math involved 

For students looking to fulfill their science credit hour requirements without suffering through an obstacle course of integrals, derivatives, and exponents, GLG 121 saves the day! Although a few mathematical concepts find their way into the curriculum, they’re fairly basic and thoroughly explained through example problems.

3. It aligns perfectly with the geology lab GLG 115

If taken simultaneously, the two courses make your life a lot easier. With the pace of the lecture course just slightly ahead of the lab schedule, you’ll feel prepared every time you’re handed a new lab. This preparedness equates to finishing quickly and leaving 15 minutes early; the ideal scenario for any student.

4. The homework load is light

 The textbook complements the course nicely and comes in an affordable online version. However, with textbook reading considered optional, the homework load  consists primarily of reviewing the class notes and completing six exercise packets throughout the semester (which often contain extra credit questions).

5. The topics are interesting and applicable

By educating students on natural phenomena affecting millions of people around the globe, GLG 121 equips students to save lives. It demonstrates how to avoid amplifying natural hazards into natural disasters amidst growing populations and infrastructure, as well as how to react when disaster does inevitably strike.

If you still need a science course on your transcript and want to see a simple syllabus with intriguing topics on the first day of class, GLG 121 is for you!


Samantha Marotta

Professional Writing and Spanish double-major at Miami University

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