Notes. Sometimes they are the only way you can pass the class. Especially for a lecture class like PSY 111 (introduction to psychology), you really need to take good detailed notes. However, there is always a debate on whether typing your notes is the best way to take notes. So here are some pros and cons you can use to make the most of your note-taking.

Pro 1: Typing is faster than writing.

Typing your notes is much faster than handwriting your notes. Therefore, typing makes it much easier to keep up with your professor. A lot of information is covered in PSY 111, so the class is very fast paced. Your professor is most likely going to speed through the notes to get through all they need to get covered in time. That’s why typing your notes is useful for this class so you can get down all of the information.

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Pro 2: Typing makes doing your study guides easier.

In Psy 111, the study guides are put on Canvas for easy access. Typing your notes makes doing your study guide so convenient. This is because you can search for specific words in your document in just a couple clicks of a button. That is so much easier than searching through pages and pages of notes to find a certain section. In a word document, it is easy to click Find and type in one of the keywords in the section you are working on.

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Pro 3: Typing your notes makes them easier to share.

There always comes a time when a  friend in your class needs the notes from a day they missed. If you type your notes, that makes it very easy to share them. If you are able to share your notes with your friend, they will most likely return the favor later in the semester if need be.

Con 1: Handwriting your notes makes it easier to recall.

Most psychology teachers recommend that you handwrite your notes because it helps you remember the notes you take better by engaging different parts of your brain. One professor told her students that research has proven that those who handwrite their notes perform better on tests compared to those who type their notes. Typing your notes can cause mindless note taking.

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Con 2: Being on your computer could cause a distraction

PSY 111 is a lecture class, therefore it is easy to tune out and stop paying attention. Computers help with that because it makes your social media, email, and online shopping easily accessible to you. Typing your notes makes it extremely enticing to pull up a new browser when you get tired of listening.

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Con 3: Typing makes it harder to sketch diagrams

A lot of the material in the PSY 111 class is best learned from diagrams. In topics such as action potential within synapses, diagrams make learning the material much easier. Many of the subject matters within PSY 111 are simpler when you are able to learn them visually.

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How you take your notes is ultimately up to you. In the end, as long as the way you take notes works for you, that is all that matters. Whether you type or handwrite your notes, just make sure you take detailed ones. PSY 111 is mostly memorizing vocabulary and processes, and detailed notes will help you sort out all of the differences.




Sarah Reitz

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