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Although it’s one of the older buildings on campus, constructed in honor of English professors and authors Walter E. and Marion Boyd Havighurst, Havighurst Hall offers great amenities that ease the transition to college life.

1. You’re surrounded by other first-years

Although arriving on campus for the first time is undoubtedly a big lifestyle change for most students, having the opportunity to quickly meet others in the same boat makes the process much less intimidating. Not to mention, students in Havighurst Hall belong to a particular living learning community, with the leadership community filling a prominent role in the hall this year. As a result, you’ll share at least one class with your hallmates and finding like-minded friends becomes a breeze.

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2. It’s located right next to the cafeteria

Only steps away from what many consider to be one of Miami’s best dining locations, Havighurst Hall works great for students looking to fit lunch and dinner somewhere in their schedules packed with classes, studying, work, and extracurriculars. The venue offers a salad, deli, and fruit bar, allergen-free station, international station, grill and roast buffet, and greystone market.

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3. The beds are lofted

For students worried about downsizing from their bedroom at home to a smaller dorm room, Havighurst provides the perfect solution by opening tons of extra storage space below the beds. In addition to the dressers and closet provided, having some storage bins or drawers to put under the bed makes life a lot easier when you need to access lesser-used belongings and free up floor space. But don’t forget to bring a stool to make the climb into bed easier after a long day’s work.

4. It’s close to a gym

Although no gym could compete with the Rec Center on campus, the newly opened workout facility in the building next to Havighurst offers the exercise essentials while cutting out the twenty-minute walk across  campus. With such a short trip to the gym, you may find yourself more motivated to develop a regular exercise routine and consequently reduce the stress that often accompanies big transitions and challenging studies.

5. The basement offers lots of ammenities

From a full kitchen with vending machines to a pool table and TV room, the walkout basement of Havighurst Hall offers plenty of space for socialization and easy access to Western Dining Commons across the lawn. With comfy couches, a piano, and ping-pong table, it’s often the location of building-wide events including pumpkin painting or movie nights. The laundry room and trash deposit are also located at the basement level.

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6. Elevators make the move easy

For those students not staying on the first floor, elevators facilitate the big moves in and out of the residence hall each year, and they’re also helpful for daily trips to visit friends on other floors or to lug some laundry downstairs.


Calling Havighurst Hall home is definitely an advantage for any student at Miami University. More than a place to sleep and study, its walls will be witness to the start of lifelong friendships and lots of laughter.


Samantha Marotta

Professional Writing and Spanish double-major at Miami University

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