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Without a doubt, students lucky enough to have their own car understand the amount of freedom that comes with it. In addition to making trips to and from college easier, a car can provide many benefits while on campus. Here are some things to know if you plan on bringing a car to Miami University:

1. Not every student can bring his/her car

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are given priority parking permits, while Freshmen are only permitted to bring their car to campus if their permanent residence lies outside of a 200-mile radius of Oxford.

2. There are different types of permits

The two most common student parking permits are blue and yellow, with the blue one offering more access to parking lots across campus. The final option provides overnight parking in a garage, with prices for all permits varying according to length of time and parking priority.

The three largest parking lots (Millett, Ditmer, and Chestnut Fields) are located on the outskirts of campus and are available to students, faculty, and staff for 24-hr parking. Lots in the center of campus, on the other hand, have signs indicating parking for red permits (faculty, staff, visitors, etc.), and are only available to student drivers on evenings and weekends.

3. There’s a SafeRide bus system available

Anytime you find yourself returning to the parking lot after dark and you’d like secure transportation to your dorm, the Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) offers a convenient SafeRide system. All you have to do is make one quick phone call and a driver will arrive at the parking lot bus stop to pick you up in a matter of minutes. The system operates on Monday-Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and on Sunday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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4. Dayton and Cincinnati are both within an hour’s drive

While the rural setting of Miami University can be very charming at times, students may find themselves eager to check out the countless attractions available in Ohio’s larger cities. Conveniently situated between Dayton and Cincinnati, Miami University offers a cozy getaway without isolating students from the excitement of urban nightlife.

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5. The movie theater in Hamilton is only 15 minutes away

For a quick break from studies, students who bring their cars to Miami can take advantage of the AMC Classic Hamilton 8 theater, which offers tickets for a bargain price of $5.99.

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If you can bring your car to college with you, it’s definitely worth the extra gas money! Not only can you pack as many suitcases as you’d like, but you can also get out and explore the world around you from the home base of campus.


Samantha Marotta

Professional Writing and Spanish double-major at Miami University

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