This school year is going to be a little different than before. Mom isn’t here to take your infamous “First Day of School” picture, or to wave out the window as you drive to school. Mom however probably texted you “Good Luck xoxo” as you trek to your beloved 8:30am lecture. I’d love to tell you that classes get easier and in a sense they do- you learn the ins and outs of professors, classes and yourself. Sometimes the 100 intro classes are pure weed-out classes, survival of the fittest is the main key.  Just because you survived gen chem, don’t think O chem is going to love you. Welcome to Miami University, and here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at Miami University

1. CHEM 141-144

Miami co-enrolls you in both lab and lectures when it comes to general into level Chemistry and Biology. Prepare yourself for an hour lecture three days a week paired with a three-hour lab once a week. Course material isn’t too overwhelming, but pray to the science gods you land a class with a good professor. Biology majors are one of the highest number of students when coming in as a freshman, and it is also one of the highest majors to have students withdraw from. Weeding you out is their job and they’re good at it. Utilize TA hours for lab and study sessions for lecture because the kids that do will ruin that possible curve you’re hoping for.

2. BIO 115 – Biological Concepts: Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, and Diversity

Biology 115/116 are a fall/spring semester paired lecture that build off each other. Both lectures are paired with a two-hour lab that thankfully is a nice relief compared to chemistry lab. Intro course level professors are the bomb dot com, but they love to ramble and fly through PowerPoints. Study skills are learned in this class almost more than actual material. Look to apply concepts and not memorize lecture slides, or else sliding through class will not be an option. 

3. ARC188 – Ideas in Architecture

Welcome to the class of architecture where if you land Professor Brown-Manrique kiss your sanity goodbye. Students cry about the 100-level course being on the same playing level of a grad architecture course. If you’re looking to just fulfill the Miami Plan requirements, you may want to protect you psyche and pass by this one.

4. PHY101 – Physics and Society

If you were a physics junkie in high school, pat yourself on the back- it looks like you’ll be fine here. If you hate numbers, science, math…run. Intro level to physics here is what some students have concluded it be what setting yourself on fire feels like. If you’re looking to fulfill Miami Plan science requirements, you may want to exit from this class and go take a nice simple environmental science course.

5. ECO201 – Principles of Microeconomics

Welcome to Farmer’s School of Business, where your life will be turmoil for your whole entire undergraduate career. Miami pushes out some of the best business undergraduates in America, and it’s because only the best of the best make it. Skipping class isn’t an option and if you oversleep, you better run.

6. BUS102 – Writing for Business Decision Making

Weren’t 100 level classes supposed to be easy? Maybe, but the professors here are trying to teach you everything you need to succeed in your academic and overall career. Classes offered in Farmers are lecture heavy and ruthless, so the only way to make it out on top is to go through the semester in full throttle. (Trust me, You deserve that extra drink on Friday night.)

7. ESP366 – Imagination and Entrepreneurship 

It’s time to start your business, and Professor Friedman, this is a shout out to you. Difficulty is high for him, he constructs his classes like a job and you better be on top of your work. Formality is key, and if you need anything you better have a solid proposal set up to help your case. But if you do what you’re supposed too, you’ll walk out of here an entrepreneur guru and the best boss you could be.


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