Miami university

1. Pulley’s Diner

Chicken fingers… no, a cheeseburger… no mozzarella sticks… whether it is 11am on Thursday or 2:45 in the morning after a long sweaty night in Brick Street, Pulley’s has your name written all over it. Eat those cheese sticks with your sloppy drunk soul, it needs it.

2. Uptown Funk You Up

Seriously though, Uptown has it all. From the copious amount of bars and quick food, it has all our small college town needs. Stop inside for your favorite bagel, grab mac n’ cheese bites with a beer tower, or sneak into the alley for a burger from Mac n’ Joes- we have it all. Nothing better than to fill up on the best food before hitting your favorite bars for the night.

3. Miami Rec Center

Welcome to Miami’s Rec center, the home of dad bod’s and gym rats. Your cardio bunnies are located on the top floor and your powerlifters are slamming the ground down stairs. Preparing for the “Spring Break Bod” can leave the gym feeling shoulder to shoulder but the booty’s are worth it.

4. The Seal

Don’t do ittttt. Don’t you do it. The Seal, located by King Library holds one of the biggest superstitions on campus. You’ll never understand the terror of possibly stepping on the Seal and failing all of your next exams. Don’t be a jerk and push your friend on the Seal either or you can kiss that friendship goodbye.

5. The Arch

Miami has an unusaly high percentage for couples that meet and get married. Miami Merger’s a special type and the tell-tale is, if you kiss your love under the arch of Upham Hall at midnight, then your relationship will be showered with luck for the rest of time. Can you think of anyone you want to kiss?

6. Frats and Srats Bruh

Your sorority girls are the ones with their hats pulled down over their eyes and bean boots. Your frat bros are milling through campus or you can see them sitting on their porch while you’re trucking your way to class. All in all, Greek life is HUGE on campus, and everyone is proud of their letters. If rushing/pledging is for you, you’ll find your place in no time.

7. Farmers School of Business 

Miami is known for numerous things and Farmer’s is arguably the biggest. Our business school is one of the best in the Nation and we are pretty dang proud of that. Look for the gorgeous men walking around in suits, and girls can really kill it too. Graduating from Miami’s school of business will leave you set for life.

8. Oxford…Where?

A beautiful thing about Miami University is the location. Once you’re off a highway, you’ve got a solid 15-30 minutes before you are back in an interstate. Miami is surrounded by beautiful country and farms, and it makes arriving to campus even better, it’s our own utopia in the middle of nowhere.


9. By the Way, We Were a University before Florida was a State

Any Miami student knows the struggle of being mistaken for Miami Florida. Some students even admit to making the mistake of applying to college here thinking it was in Florida. We were a university before Florida was a state, don’t mix it up please.

10. (DON’T) Rub the Turtle Heads!

There’s a joke about telling freshman to rub the turtle heads located on central quad on the sun dial. They say if you rub the turtle heads before your exam it’ll be good luck but in all honesty, we tell you to rub the turtle heads because you’re too naive about Miami culture to know that frat boys like to pass time by peeing on them after a night out.


11. Score! Score! Score!

Hockey is the game to see at Miami. Sure, our football team went to a bowl game (finally) this year, but the real crowd gatherer is the hockey games. Intense games, good food, better chants, and the fantastic social atmosphere will keep you coming to games far after your graduation date. You know you go to Miami University if you know the real story behind our “Score! Score! Score!” chant.

12. GBD

Take a step you posers! Many campuses across the country have huge celebrations for St. Patrick’s Day, but Miami University created the Green Beer Day tradition. You can’t graduate without owning at least one GBD t-shirt and participating in the marathon 30+ hours we celebrate. Can you pace yourself for this race?

13. Slant Walk

Some people argue it’s called slant walk because of the diagonal walkway that takes you from campus to Uptown, others argue it’s called slant walk because everyone walking back into campus (most likely to Pulley’s) can’t walk in a straight line to save their life. Whatever it may be, we’ve all walked the slant.

14. DUDE, This is my pair of Sperry’s for the Bar, and These are for Class

Don’t deny it. You know that guy that has his pair for the bars and his pair for class. Hey, maybe you’re that guy. Whatever it is, it’s a huge thing here. It applies to those favorite going out heels, to the heels you’d never enter a bar in. Are your Sperry’s still holding up, or is it time to take the L and get a new pair?

15. Beat the Clock

Get your super cliché game day jersey on and head to Brick Street. Our weekends start Thursday night and go on until the early hours of Sunday morning. Friday and Saturday are full of day drinking and beating the clock, drinking pitchers of beer while watching the games. Head across the street to Broken and get some killer shots and beer here too. Whatever it is, you’ll find a packed bar by 2pm on Saturday.


Miami University has a special culture and it’s one we cherish and love. Our traditions are heavy and thick, and it takes time to adjust. But once you’re here nothing else will ever compare.  


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