Spartan stadium new

1. Half of your wardrobe consists of green and white clothing

Must sport school pride every. damn. day.

2. You proudly display a picture of you and Sparty as your screensaver because he is bae

You literally almost hyperventilated and died the first time you came within ten feet of Sparty. It was like approaching a celebrity. It really was though.

3. You feel a rush of tingly sensations whenever you stroll past Spartan Stadium and Sparty Statue

The reflection of the sun always makes the stadium look even more wonderful and almighty. The birds sound like singing angels. And you can only picture the football players gallivanting across the field upon entry like beautiful ballerinas.

4. “Go Green” is so much more than an environmental statement to you


It’s a statement of loyalty, a battle cry, a lifelong commitment, a chant, a glorious phrase that all man should know.

5. Patty’s Day is like a celebration of MSU in your mind

Kiss me, I’m a Spartan.

6. Maize is the ugliest color you have ever seen in your life


It literally looks like mustard vomit.

7. You probably left college a super football fan, even if you hated football in high school



“Yeah! I have no idea what the hell is even going on in this sport right now but I love it!”

8. Dairy Store ice cream is like the ultimate treat from heaven, but you feel terrible about yourself every time you eat it



It’s one of those things where you eat it and instantly regret it, but do it again anyway.

9. You did a lot of walking… and I mean a lot (right now I average 6 miles a day)

Yeah! I’m gonna walk off all these Dairy Store ice cream calories. Boom! Beat that dessert!

10. No one will ever convince you that your school is not the greatest place in the world, and you get pretty pissed when they try

I don’t exactly love it when people have the nerve to insult my most fabulous school, but it’s just their loss in the end. They’re missing out. #1 in Supply Chain Management, suckers! #2 in the nation for Communication Arts and Sciences. Oh yeah, and we’re pretty damn good in the Veterinary and Environmental fields as well. We’re just all around awesome.


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