While navigating your way through the pressures of Michigan State University, it’s important to take some classes that are just plain fun. Taking a class that is easy not only helps your sanity, but it helps you to appreciate a different field of study or maybe a really great professor who can help you come into your own at MSU. Here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at Michigan State University

1. HDFS 145: Individual Couples and Families

This class mostly revolves around learning the development of a young adult. Honestly, it’s pretty much common sense. So, if you’re a freshman looking for a GPA booster, or a senior who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed during your last semester as a Spartan, this class is definitely a good option for anyone trying to avoid the stress of a difficult course.

2. JRN 203: Visual Storytelling

Judging by only the name, this class is an obvious blow-off. JRN 203 is basically class in which you get credit for showing up and listening. Even better news—the earliest time available for this class is 12:40, so you will not have to suffer waking up early for an 8:00am.

3. KIN 103: Aerobic Exercise

Once again, this is a class where all you really have to do is show up. Instead of taking exams and sitting through lectures, this class is simply pass/fail, and to pass all you’re required to do is not skip more than 3 classes in a semester. Additionally, the exercise will help you avoid the dreaded freshman 15.

4. UP 100: The City

This class is described as “evolution, character, dimension, and elements of cities”. So pretty much you’ll receive an easy 4.0 to learn about what makes a city different from other locations—which is already pretty common knowledge.

5. FOR 101: Michigan’s Forests

In addition to being super easy, this class is actually kind of interesting. The main objective of this course is to learn about what role forests play in Michigan’s ecosystem. The information isn’t too difficult and you’ll finish this class with a new appreciation for the trees of MSU.

6. FLM 230: Introduction to Film

This is every college student’s dream in a nutshell: a class where all you have to do is watch movies. Occasionally you’ll be asked to critique a specific film, but still, how hard is it write about whether or not you liked a movie? You might even find a new favorite.

7. KIN 101T: Scuba Diving

Personally, I have always wanted to scuba dive. It sounds so fun, and it’s an experience that not many people get to have. Why not take this chance to earn a passing grade while doing something really enjoyable? What’s even better about this class is not only will you pass and have fun, you don’t even have to get your hair wet.

8. CSS 202: World of Turf

This is probably the easiest class offered at MSU. The main purpose of this course is to learn about the role of turf in society. How much easier could it get? Well, as if it weren’t enough of an easy 4.0 class, the entire course is online. You can boost your GPA without ever leaving your own room.

9. TE 150: Reflections on Learning

Education is unfairly labeled as an “easy major”. There are hard classes that aspiring teachers have to take. However, this is not one of them. This class focuses on how students learn from a psychological and sociological standpoint. Trust me, it’s easier than it sounds. You will really only have to learn about what students experience as they go through their educational journey.

10. PKG 101: Principles of Packaging

This class is pretty self-explanatory. You put things into packages and receive a grade for doing so. If you’re looking for some stress relief from other classes, I’d say this is a pretty good class to take.


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