There are plenty of things that make you, YOU. But there are also many things that indicate that you are in fact, an MSU Spartan.. you know? Things that only Spartans do and understand!

1. You constantly find yourself crowding at bus stops to get onto bus 31.

Bus 31 is always full! Sometimes, you might have to wait it out to finally get to your destination due to the number of people crowded on to one bus. Such a mess, but only Spartans understand!


2.Immediately hating U of M, even if you don’t have a legitimate reason.

As Spartans, we constantly hear about the hate between U of M Wolverines, and MSU Spartans. Most times, we don’t really understand why, but we just go along with it!


3. Realizing that having a car is great… until you realize you have to pay for parking.

Since you have to pay for parking, you’d think you’ll be guaranteed a parking spot. Unfortunately, there are hardly any parking spots available. So inevitably, you still have to take the bus. 


4. You know every word to the dirty chants at the football games.. they’re too dirty to even publish to the internet.

These chants pretty much bring MSU together as a family. Every football game, you look forward to touchdowns and first downs. And if for some odd reason you have no idea what that is, just attend a football game.. you’ll understand then.


5. Spartan cash and combo exchange has changed your life, especially since you are now officially a broke college student.

Every weekday you wait until 9pm to go get your combo. Those are the best times to go since everyone in Brody Neighborhood will be there! Those are the best times to catch up, eat some good food, and make the best memories. (Just please remember your number, those who don’t hear their numbers being called are the worst!)


But most importantly, as an MSU Spartan, you realize that the two best colors in the world are green and white.. even if they seemed a little odd at first. Being a Spartan is the best feeling, and you even earn bragging rights!


Ja'Lena E Nicole

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