There’s a lot of things that most people don’t know about MSU. Some you will probably never know unless you actually attend the university. But don’t worry, this article has you covered!

1. Beaumont Clock Tower

Rumor has it that if you kiss someone under the shadows of Beaumont Clock Tower at midnight, you will marry that person! Why such a weird rumor? Apparently, a ghost haunts this clock tower looking for the sweetheart that he’d left behind…


2.  Haunted Yakeley Hall

According to former residents of Yakeley Hall, this dormitory is haunted! There has been a report of a student hearing loud pounding on her door, but when she looked through the peephole to see who it was, no one was there… but the banging on the door continued.


3. MSU Shadows Song

Every student at MSU is warned at their arrival of this song! It consists of two parts, although most people do not know the second part of this song. It is believed that if you read the second half of the MSU Shadows as an undergraduate, you will not graduate on time… anyone willing to test this theory?

Image result for nope meme


4. Haunted Mary Mayo Hall

This building was built in the honor of Mary Mayo. Although she has died years ago from an illness, it is reported that her ghostly figure has been seen. Students have reported a piano playing all by itself on one of the floors where residents reside. But wait… it gets even creepier. The fourth floor of this building has been completely sealed off, preventing any student from wandering up there. This floor is believed to have been home to satanic rituals, and it has also been said that a young woman hung herself on this floor.


5. The Midnight Scream (Finals Week)

On finals week, every night at 12am, students will participate in what is known as “The Midnight Scream”. Basically, once 12am hits, you stop wherever you are and scream as loud as you can. This is supposed to release any stress you may have as finals are approaching.


Hopefully, this information will not deter you from coming to Michigan State and enjoying its beautiful campus! There are many more fun facts about MSU, but in order to find out, you have to attend!

Ja'Lena E Nicole

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