If you haven’t been living under a rock, you might’ve heard the crazy scandal about Larry Nassar and how he’s sexually about 156 female victims. To refresh your memory, Nassar was an Osteopathic, or in other words, an athlete doctor. Nassar started working at a high school as an athletic trainer in Detroit but eventually made his way to work at one of the top 10 universities in the nation, Michigan State. So here’s what you didn’t know…

1. Nassar’s victims were primarily minors.

Nassar had a sick way or targeting underage teen girls. Nassar had no consent from the parents of the minors he was treating. A statement was made by Arianna Guerrero during Nassar’s court date stating: “You seem to have a hard time looking at me now, but you didn’t when I was half-naked on your table. What kind of doctor can tell a 13-year-old they are done growing by the size of their pubic bone?” How sad and terribly disgusting can this case get?

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2. Former MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, Gymnast Coach Kathy Klages, and Athletic Director Mark  Hollis resign

According to many, Klages was allegedly aware of Nassar’s sexual abuse since 1997. She resigned in February 2017 due to the allegations arising. Apparently, one of Nassar’s victims decided to open up about the sexual abuse to Klages, but as a response, she said that the young woman was imagining it. Klages also threatened to revoke the young woman’s scholarship if she decided to bring up the issue again. Mark Hollis and former president Lou Anna K. Simon also knew about the sexual abuse since 1997 and resigned this month due to those allegations.

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3.  Rosemarie Aquilina, you’re a hero.

Rosemarie Aquilina, the judge for 30th circuit court in Ingham County, was the one to put Nassar behind bars for good. She actually forced Nassar to sit in the courtroom and listen to his victim’s claims of how he terribly impacted their life. Nassar claimed that the women’s claims were “too emotionally traumatic to listen to.” He also stated that he “couldn’t emotionally handle the impact of what he did.” Judge Aquilina dismissed his concerns and continued to make him listen to the young women’s claims. Judge Aquilina was known for her best line of the entire court ruling, “I just signed your death warrant”, as she sentenced him to 175 years in prison.

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4. What really broke the Nassar case

In August of 2016, victim Rachael Denhollander emailed IndyStar. She explained that Nassar had sexually abused her, and how she believed that there could be other victims.  She stated, “I tried reporting this, nobody listened. I believe there are other victims.” After this, about 50 others came forward and admitted they too, have been sexually abused.

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5. Possible consequences MSU faces as a whole

As you may know, MSU faces a ton of consequences, as well as a terrible reputation. How could MSU‘s very own president turn a blind eye to what these young women were experiencing? It was stated that MSU may lose its privilege of sports for a long time. MSU may also lose a ton of money, causing a rise in student tuition, which can also cause a drop in the student rate.

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6. Nassar pleads himself NOT GUILTY?!

It should be noted that Larry Nassar NEVER admitted to the sexual abuse of the 156 young women. He was given the opportunity to write a statement to be read in court, and stated: “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. So what does this mean? Nassar tried to convince Judge Aquilina that all 156 victims were against him, and made up the entire story… which caused Judge  Aquilina to do this:

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As a whole, Michigan State students have been doing everything they can to raise awareness to this issue. Supporting faculty is willing to do all that they can to prevent anything like this from happening further. All faculty members MUST report any and all types of abuse to Michigan State’s Office of  Institutional Equity (OIE). While this entire Larry Nassar scam is happening, Michigan  State remains very supportive of the victims of this terrible crime.


Ja'Lena E Nicole

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