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Will Michigan State follow after a Wisconsin university has become the third in the country to offer free tampons in men’s rooms on campus?

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is rolling out a pilot program to offer tampons free of charge in women’s restrooms on the campus, and lest the men feel left out, a few men’s restrooms will offer them as well. 

The free women’s hygiene products will be available in the women’s restrooms of three campus buildings. In one of them, the Red Gym, they will be offered in men’s bathrooms as well. 


‘Menstrual products will be available in all of the bathrooms of the Red Gym so that they are available to any student who might need them,’ school spokesman Steve Wagner explained to the College Fix.

The Red Gym houses the school’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center and Multicultural Student Center, among other offices. 

Student leaders had pushed for the program after several other Big Ten schools decided to offer free menstrual products. 

A UW-Madison student representative calls free menstrual product dispensers like this one ‘a necessity’ (file photo)

‘It’s definitely a deficit and an unnecessary burden for [anyone] to have to go and purchase menstrual products,’ UW-Madison student representative Katrina Morrison told the Badger Herald

‘Having them be free and readily available in campus buildings is definitely a necessity.’

The Badger Herald article carried a correction noting that a previous version had referred to ‘women’s hygiene products’. The article now says ‘menstrual products.’

The push for free women’s hygiene products on the campus has swept several major universities, and UW-Madison is hardly the first to place them in men’s rooms. 

In October, both Syracuse and Cornell began offering tampons in men’s bathrooms.

Last fall, however, Columbia cancelled a program to distribute free tampons and pads due to low student interest in the products, the Columbia Spectator reported. 


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