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Middle Tennessee State University offers the best courses for the students which helps them in learning tactical solutions to pass them. It is not easy to handle a lot of subjects at the same time, but when students manage their time, they will be able to get through these courses and learn various skills to cope up with the difficult subjects. These hardest courses polish the student’s knowledge and abilities until they graduate and step into the reality of the world.

1. ACTG 2110 – Principles of Accounting 1

accounting cycle

This course deals with the financial accounting partnerships and proprietorships, keeping the accounting cycle as a base. It also teaches the students about the merchandising and services of the organizations. Moreover, there are several topics included such as inventories, receivables, plant, property, and current liabilities.

2. ACSI 4240 – Mathematics of Interest Theory, Economics, and Finance

fisher equation

This course instructs students about the theory of interest tools and application of calculus on the intermediate topics related to macroeconomics and finance. Topics included are the Keynesian model, discount rates, pricing activities, yield rates, cash flows, amortization, and stock-bond valuation. Along with that, the study also reflects the capital structure, black Scholes model, financial performance measurement and efficient markets. Students will have to memorize details to pass this course.

3. ANTH 3010 – Ethnology

Ethnology museum Hano

This course examines various approaches of anthropology connecting it with the contemporary world cultures. Also, there are separate divisions for anthropology minors and majors addressing theoretical approaches. Topics included in this course are ethnographic methods, culture study, anthropological research and present issues in ethnology. So, the focus of this course is on the ethnologies around the world which will be tough for the students to understand in the beginning.

4. ASTR 3400 – Fundamentals of Astrophysics

Zodiac signs

This course deals with the knowledge of astronomy and techniques. The principles from modern and classical history are there for the students to explore this course. Topics included are black holes, star formation, galaxy structure, neutron stars, the evolution of the galaxy, composition of planets and the overall structure of the universe. To understand each topic, students have to work hard by giving extra time to this subject.

5. BIOL 2020 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II

human anatomy and physiology

Human anatomy and physiology II focuses on the pre-health programs of professionals including nursing. The study includes both theoretical and practical work for the students. So, topics covered in this course are related to the functions of the respiratory system, endocrine, circulatory, reproduction, digestive system and more. Also, there is a lot of theory for the students to remember to get through this course quickly.

6. BUAD 4980 – Strategic Management

strategic management and related concepts

This course deals with the development of the organization through a top management perspective. The emphasis is on the strategy formulation, policies, evaluation of the strategy, handling business problems and finding ethical solutions for the issues quickly. So, the hardest part of the course is to research the current problems in the market by addressing solutions based on the theory.

7. BCEN 4200 – Problems in Business and Marketing Education and Entrepreneurship

A man thinking about business

This course needs a lot of study from the student’s side. It deals with intense research, analysis of research, finding problems in contemporary projects and more. Therefore, Students need to interact a lot with the instructor to pass this course with a good grade. Also, it requires constant effort from the students to find accurate projects related to the subject.

8. BLAW 4500 – Employment Discrimination Law

picture showing workplace discrimination

This course examines the responsibilities and rights of the employees and employers under the fair employment practices. It also teaches the students about the significant statutes, judicial decisions, admin regulations, and the anti-discrimination law. Students will have to note down the lectures regularly to pass this challenging course.

9. CHEM 4350 – Physical Chemistry I

structural formula of ions

This course is not natural to pass because of the quantitative principles involving calculus methods. The topics are tough to cover for the students. Topics included are phase changes, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, molecule structure, quantum, and statistical mechanics. Moreover, it has great emphasis over reaction kinetics which is lengthy and the hardest topic of the course.

10. GEOL 4000 – Petrology and Petrography

rock petrology

This course deals with the metamorphic rocks, sediments and igneous. The theory revolves around the geochemical evidence and mineralogy. So, students will have to examine the rock sample by providing a detailed report over it. This course is hard to pass as students will have to remember every single detail regarding the classifications of rocks.

The hardest courses are not impossible to pass if the students put all their effort and time in learning. Subjects are challenging, but with the continuous study, students will be able to pass the courses with distinction.

Nazia Jabeen

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