A building hidden behind trees at Middlebury College

The hardest courses in Middlebury help students to build their skills which were missing in them. It helps them to work with multiple subjects at the same time developing their multi-tasking skill. If the students pay attention and manage their schedule, they will be able to pass all the courses.

1. AMST 0206 – Nineteenth-Century American Literature

picture of 5 American women of 19th century

This course deals with major developments related to literature during the time of the 19th century in America. Topics addressed in this course are realism, romanticism, regionalism and evolutions of novels in the US. Moreover, it also reflects the study on the emergence and tensions in the commercial marketplace.

2. ARBC 0301 – Advanced Arabic

A teacher explaining Arabic grammar on board

This course deals with the intermediate level of learning the Arabic language. It increases the proficiency of the language through writing, speaking, listening, reading and also understanding the culture. There is a lot of research in this subject which will make it difficult for the students to pass it. It also requires a lot of reading of Arabic articles related to political, historical, social and cultural topics.

3. BIOL 0202 – Comparative Vertebrate Biology

examples of vertebrates

This course explores the vertebrate classes evolution along with the habitat present on Earth. The study includes topics related to physiology, anatomy, phylogeny, and ecology. Students will discuss the problems for finding mates, food, avoiding predators and more during the class hours. There is a lot of laboratory work which will be tiring for the students making it a hard course for them. Also, there will be lab exercises on dogfish shark and the cat to learn about their anatomical structures.

4. CHEM 0203 – Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Reactivity

chemical reaction equation of methane and oxygen

This course provides the study of the structure and reactivity related to the organic molecules. The focus is on the biochemistry by covering topics like acid-base relationships, chemical bonding, carbonyl reactions, and reaction mechanisms. Moreover, the course is hard because of the energy diagrams which the students have to study and draw with detailed explanation.

5. MUSC 0245 – Collaborative Improvisation: All-Arts Ensemble

A girl holding a guitar

This course deals with the improvisation, performance, dialogues and the interaction with the arts disciplines. Students will learn about the music, dance, and writing of theater in this course. Along with that, the focus of this course is on the process of musical improvisation through demonstrations and practical work. This course will be challenging in the beginning, but as students pay full attention, they will be able to find it easier over time.

6. CMLT 0205 – Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory

Literary theory written on black color board

This course introduces schools of contemporary literacy to the students. Students will read the theoretical texts with the work of literature in conjunctions. They will also implement the theoretical stances practically to understand the topics. The topics covered in this course are psychoanalysis, new criticism, queer studies, feminism, race theory, Marxism and cultural criticism. This course will be hard to pass because of intense historical studies which students have to remember until their final exams.

7. ECON 0212 – Empirical Research Methods in Economics

primary research methods and techniques

This course deals with the concepts and tools for designing out the layout for the project and research. Topics included in this course are sampling and power, survey design, experimental design, and natural experiments. Along with that, students will discover the replication and critique studies. The course will be hard because students will have to form the research questions and provide interpretations over it based on their reviews.

8. THEA 0205 – Costume Design I: Beginning

4 people standing at stage in different costumes

This course is an introductory course for the practice and art of costume designing for the theatre purpose. There will also be an emphasis on innovative communication ideas with the help of visual language. So, students will learn about script analysis, concept development, creative impulse, fabrication, figure drawing, and presentation. Along with that, students will explore the medium of clothing with learning the concepts of working with three-dimensional space.

9. NSCI 0252 – Fundamentals of Behavioral Neuroscience

2 hands holding model of human brain

This course is the combination of knowledge and approaches towards chemistry, biology, and psychology. It also helps the students to understand non-human and human behavior. Students will determine the study of interrelationships between nervous systems, emotions, hormones, sex, sleep, memory, and consciousness. Moreover, there will be basic concepts for the students to learn about the micro and macro level of the nervous system. So, there is a lot of theoretical study in this course which makes a hard subject to pass.

10. PSYC 0308 – Human Sexuality

biological symbols for male and female gender

This course revolves around the behavioral, biological, cultural and psychological aspects of human sexuality. It starts with a review of physiology and anatomy functions. Also, the topics included in this course are desire, arousal, sexual orientation, relationships, compulsive sexual behavior and more. Moreover, students will have to find the current issues related to contraception, sexuality, and STDs to present in the class daily to earn a good grade.

No one can achieve good results if they do not work hard. All these courses are hard to pass, but if the students will study full time without wasting a minute, they will surely get through each course easily.

Nazia Jabeen

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