Taking classes at a community college is much easier than taking a class at the 4 year college you attend. If you have the chance to take a class at your home community college either over a winter session or summer session than you should take up that opportunity and do it! At Middlesex County College they offer Public Speaking during the regular semester as well as winter and summer sessions. Whether you are a full-time student at Middlesex and want to take this course during the main semesters of spring and fall, or you attend another university and just want a good and easy class to take during the summer or winter sessions, then public speaking is the right class for you. It will also transfer into many other schools as some type of communication class which will be very helpful to have the credits for!

1. Take During Winter Session

From personal experience as well as word of mouth, whether you are a full-time or part-time student at Middlesex, taking this course during the winter session will be most beneficial. During this session the class will be fulfilled within the shortest amount of time possible and also it will contain the least amount of busy work, since all the assignments will need to be fit  within the short period of time. During this winter session there will only be 4 speeches to complete and most of the days are spent sitting and listening to other students present. This class is more of an at home preparation course but is not too hard to prepare for. Being able to take this course in the winter session, and it only be 14 days, will allow for a quick completion of the credits in the easiest way possible.


2. Write Speeches Throughout The Course

In order to make sure that you do not have too much work at once, plan out your speeches ahead of time. After you get the syllabus you will know what types of speeches you have to write. Even though, in class the professor will give some explanation than what you get from the syllabus, the types of topics can still be planned out before actually taking the course. By choosing the topics that you want to write about and even potentially starting the speeches so that you can have more practice closer to, this will be very beneficial later on when you have more work for either other classes or specifically in this course.


3. Practice Speeches

Make sure to practice practice and practice even more. It is important especially for something like a speech that a lot of practice is done. Make sure that once the speech is written that you are practice to yourself both out loud as well as in your head. If you are able to practice to a friend or family member this also could be very helpful in order to get feedback. There might be small things that you do such as pace around or twirl your hair that you do not even realize you are doing, and someone else watching you practice would be able to give you some feedback on this all!


4. Look up ideas ahead of time for Brainstorming

At first when you get the syllabus for the class you will know the speeches that you have to write. By brainstorming and talking to other people in the class or even the professor about approving the ideas for the speeches earlier rather than later, this will allow you to be ahead of the pace. The topics will need to be written such as a demonstration speech as well as an informative speech, and a few others. Depending on the semester you take it in, if it is winter or summer the only assignments will be to write the speeches but during the real semesters of either spring or fall other assignments will be included that will help with brainstorming and be more of some “busy work” type of activities. If you take these activities seriously they will allow you to actually brainstorm and prepare better for the speeches that are needed to be presented.


All in all, this course is great to take and to take seriously. While it is on the easier side, it is great practice to know how to public speak. Learning and being comfortable with presenting in front of people will be beneficial in both the real world as well as other classes when you just generally need to present projects and presentations. Taking this course at the community college is also beneficial because it is in front of a smaller group of people so you will feel less nervous to present the information.





Emily Bravman

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