Anatomy and Physiology is a hard class to take no matter where it is taken. The context and information that is necessary to learn is dense, difficult, and hard to comprehend. The class is a lot of pictures for learning and memorizing for how to study. Since this type of learning is not everyones learning style, it ends up being a difficult class for many. Taking it at a community college, especially part 1 in order to get into the context of it, will be very beneficial to help pass.

1. Smaller Sections 

Whether you attend Middlesex full time or you attend another university and are taking this course over the winter or summer, take advantage of the class sizes at Middlesex !! The professor will actually be able to know your name and have a face to remember rather than just role call your name on a sheet or see your name when grading an exam. Because of the professor being able to know your name, it is important that you take advantage of this. It should not be intimating to ask questions and stay involved. A lot of the time in sections that are larger it gets scary to ask a question or go up to the professor after class, but because the sections are smaller, this is an advantage that can be taken.


2. Open Hours

Try and attend the open hours as much as possible. For the labs, they are all hands on. It is hard to study at home since all you can look at is pictures taken of the models or pictures that are googled or in the powerpoint. If you attend open hours that is actually at the school, you can check out of the library the models. You then are able to play with them for as long as you want and have a hands on experience. For the practicals of the course, there are the actual models that you have been able to practice with, and with these models different parts will be labeled. If you are able to familiarize yourself with these models and know all the different parts, the practicals will not be difficult. Using the advantage of open hours/ being able to check out the models from the desk at the library are very helpful.


3. Study Groups

Try and find friends that are in the class. Since it is a small class this should be easy. People that sit at your table are going to be the people in your lab groups so you will end up talking to them for a fact. If you are able to find a time out of class to meet and talk/ study this will be very helpful. Some people will be able to answer questions about functional parts of the body that you are unable to understand. Being able to study with other students in the class will be overall very helpful.


4. Free Tutors

Middlesex offers a great big tutoring center that is across from the library. Being so close to the library it is great since you can study alone and then go over to the tutoring center and get tutored by students that have already taken the course. These people know what they are talking about and could have had your professor as a teacher. Because of this, they are able to help you study and explain what the exams and practicals will be like. These people have received great grades in the course which means they fully understood the context. This is beneficial and should be taken to advantage.


5. Review Notes from Lectures

It is important after all classes to read and review what was learned. By doing this you will be able to know for the next class what questions you may have and be able to get them answered before a time you need to perform on a practical or exam. Being able to understand the material will allow you to feel more confident in the classroom when learning new material and understanding parts that have been added onto what was already learned. By reviewing the notes from lecture it will lead to success later on when studying for exams comes into play.



All in all Anatomy is an extremely hard topic. It is important to ensure that you understand all the material from part 1 because there is also a part 2. If you understood and did well in part 1 at Middlesex than it would be smart to do the same skills and tactics for part 2 and take it at Anatomy. Being a two part class can actually end up being to your advantage because once you understand how to complete and pass part 1, you can easily do the same for part 2.




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Emily Bravman

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