If you’re considering going into the field of education and can’t decide on a school, have you looked at Millersville? We are known for our education department and many people you meet here are in this major. While starting college is a very stressful situation for many, here are a few reasons why you should choose Millersville, especially for education.

1. So many people to meet in classes.

Since education is such a popular major at Millersville, meeting people in classes is so important. Yes, everyone tells you this, but it really goes a far way here especially. Most of the time, the people that you meet your freshman year in your ed classes will continue to be in your classes up until you graduate. Seeing that it is such a small campus, you run into the same people almost all the time and when you already know people from classes, it can be beneficial so that you can help each other through and also, ed majors are super nice and make great friends, especially when you already have something in common!!


2. Classes are small!

Unlike other schools where there are up in the 100s of students per class, Millersville’s class sizes are small, especially education classes. The average class size of an ERCH 110 class (Intro to Early Childhood Education)  is 25. And no, that’s not a joke. That way it is so much easier to get involved better in class and it’s much less overwhelming. As some people say, it’s one big happy family.


3. Your professors actually care..

Everyone knows the anxiety you can get before the first classes. However, if you’re feeling any sort of anxiety or stress, going to office hours will help a bunch. Wait, that person that stands in front of your class everyday and seems like sometimes they could be speaking a different language really is a human?? Yes, in fact, the Education professors are here to see you succeed and they want to be a helpful resource that you can come to. Oh, and you can actually do this thing called actually getting up and talking to them after class or even sending them an email.


4. Classes offered are usually not found in other schools.

One of these classes being art integration (ART128). All students that are education majors are required to take this class. While it may sound intimidating, it is not at all. Basically, it’s a way that you can learn how to bring art into your everyday classroom and students that have taken it love the class. It’s a great break from other difficult classes and is one that will actually benefit YOU in the long-run rather than a boring gen-ed. Nobody says, you’ll be a Bob Ross coming out of it, but you’ll definitely have better knowledge on the topic of art in the classroom.


5. The atmosphere is inviting.

Since Millersville is a small campus, everything is easily accessible; the farthest you’d have to go is within a 15 minute walk. There is plenty to do, and during the organization outbreaks at the beginning of each semester, you are encouraged to find where you fit in. Make sure you find something, even if it is a group of friends to spend time with!


Education is definitely a great field to pursue, especially at Millersville. The professors here WANT to see you succeed, and they will make sure to check up on you. You’ll meet great people who are going through the same things as you are. Teaching is one of the most fun careers to have. You get to teach future generations and make an impact on their lives. Every day is different, and there is never truly a way to predict what could happen in your classroom any given moment. So, enjoy your classes, and take in as much as you can. Before you know it, you’ll be out teaching a class someday, so enjoy what is offered on campus and get excited!!





Shannon Widmann

I am a student at Millersville University. I study early childhood special education and love to write!

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