As students, you like to know what you are getting yourself into when starting a new class. Most questions asked are “how is the work?”, “is the professor good?”, “is the class hard?” If you are or are looking into taking Classical Mythology with Professor Besse at Millersville, here are a few tips to help you pass the class with no problem!


It cannot be stressed enough in college how important it is to buy your textbooks for class. Even if the professor says you might not need it, at least rent it if you can afford it.. This class you definitely need a book for. Each class will be a teaching based on the readings you were to have completed beforehand. The book is followed very closely along with the course. And hey, who knows, you might actually learn something interesting.


2. Take in-depth notes as you’re reading.

During class, Prof. Besse goes through the material you need to know through a powerpoint slide. Integrated within the powerpoint slides are quiz answers that you do as the class progresses. Since it is a lecture, the quizzes are all open note, and she encourages you to take good notes in order to succeed. How easy is that?? All that you need to know should be right in front of you, so just take a little time out of your day to help yourself out in the long-run. The best notes to take are defintions within the chapters assigned along with any connections among any  “characters” introduced.


3. Go to class and pay attention

What is discussed in class goes over the readings from the homework, but there is also other important information that is worth listening to and even writing down. No one says you have to write down everything but make sure you understand the connections that are made. This way, when the midterm and final come around, you’ll be as prepared as you can be.


4. Watch the recommended films and videos.

While it may be annoying with how much you already put out for college, $4 to rent a movie isn’t all that bad. And who knows, you may actually end up enjoying it.. If you’re a visual learner, being able to see what you’re reading about can help you greatly in this course and may be what keeps your grade on the track you want it to be.


5. Know your background knowledge!

If you go into class prepared, you will actually succeed. Even if you don’t, fake it until you make it. When you know what you’re talking about in class, you will be more engaged in discussion, especially in this class since she always looks for students to answer questions along the way. If you don’t understand something, ask her! She loves what she’s teaching and will be more than happy to clarify.


Yes, classical mythology might not sound inviting to everyone, but it is a good class. Most things we talk about and do nowadays are based off of mythology and you may be surprised with how it fits into your everyday life. Get rid of those new class jitters by following these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to an A in no time!


Shannon Widmann

I am a student at Millersville University. I study early childhood special education and love to write!

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