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Freshman year can be extremely overwhelming, it is your first year away from your parents, you’re moving away from home, and beginning to be independent.  To help make your transition to college easier, live in dorms!

1. Living in the dorms will allow you to meet new friends that you did not go to high school with.

Many people make the mistake of living with friends from high school in college, but many times that does not work out.  The first day in the dorms the CA on you floor will have a meeting to get everyone together and introduce you to new people. The people on your floor will become your new best friends, having butter for you when you run out for your mac and cheese, or making great study partners.

2. Your CA will keep you up to date on all the events coming up on campus.

Instead of having to look and find all of the things to do on campus in the CSU on bulletin boards, your CA will keep you up to date.  They go to almost all of the events on campus and LOVE it when people join them so they do not have to go alone.

3. A fast walk to classes

Whether you are going to Trafton or Armstrong, walking completely across campus will not take you longer than 15 minutes, which means more sleep for you!

4. If you forgot to bring anything with you to campus, the front desk probably has it.

The Front Desk of your residence hall probably has any board game, cooking supply, or movie you could possibly want to watch.  If you forget something, or simply do not want to buy it, just borrow it from the Front Desk!

5. For the experience

College is nonetheless something foreign and scary to many people.  Living in the dorms you get the full “freshman experience” of meeting new people, while being in a safe environment with CA’s to guide you.  It is a place to foster your independence and learn new things about yourself that you never knew before.  So I say embrace the freshman experience and live on campus.  You won’t regret it!

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Nicole Schefers