Every college has things that make it unique, and if you go to MNSU you can probably relate to most if not all of these defining Maverick behaviors.

1. You do your homework by the fountain.

Many students do homework on the steps by the fountain, or at the tables and chairs outside of the CSU.  Chances are you’ve gathered around this area with your friends.

2. You stand in line for hockey tickets

We all know how fast hockey tickets go, as everyone can get two with a Mavcard.  If you want tickets to the Husky or Gopher game, you’ve probably waited hours in line just to watch our beloved Mavericks get a victory.

3. In the winter you walk through buildings even though it takes longer.

You may have to leave for class 15 minutes earlier than you would if you walked outside, but it’s worth it to stay warm.  It is also a great work out with all the stairs you will have to take.

4. You make sure to go to the University Dining Center by 2.

We all know that they take away all the good food at 2, so you plan your classes and meal times accordingly.  Unless you want a sandwich which you know you can get at any time.

5. You’ve gone to the Taco Bell in the CSU.

Most people have been here more times than they’d like to admit.  It isn’t even the full taco bell menu, but it is close enough to the Taco Bell we all know and love, without even having to leave campus.

6. You took PSYC 101.

Everyone takes Psyc 101 as a freshman.  Many of us take it because it is easy, and we all take it with our friends and slack off the entire lecture.

7. You love Ron

Everyone that has been in the dining center loves Ron.  He is the nicest guy and will remember everyone’s name by the end of the year.

8. You’ve gotten a To Go Box.

No one wants to eat in the huge dining center alone, so if your friends were busy or not hungry, you just grab a to go box.  You can fill them as high as you want, and we all know the struggle of making sure we keep $5 in our account at all times so we can check one out.  Also lets be honest, eating in bed after a long day is the best.

9. You’ve gone bowling in the Bullpen.

Everyone goes to the Bullpen at least once in their college years at MSU.  Many times the first time you try it is when it is free the first week of classes, or when your parents come for Parent’s Weekend.

10. You know the Maverick chant by heart.

If you have been to any sporting event(which I’m sure you have), you know the Maverick chant by heart.  GOOOO STATE!


Nicole Schefers

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