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Each dorm has its pros and cons, and everyone has their own opinions about dorm living.  Keep this list of the worst to the best dorms in mind when picking yours, because you’re stuck there for a full year.

5. McElroy Residence Hall

McElroy is connected to campus through the tunnels, but this may be the only positive.  These dorms are seriously old and have not been renovated.  They all share a community bathroom as well, and in the warmer months they are extremely warm.

4. Crawford Residence Hall

Slightly better than McElroy, Crawford has Chet’s Grill which means a fast walk to food.  It is also connected to all of the buildings via tunnels and it has been renovated since it’s building.  They have a community bathroom, and are not as warm.

3. Stadium Heights

Stadium Heights is an apartment complex that is about half a mile from campus.  It is on the bus system, so the distance is not a huge issue.  You live with either 3 or 5 people in an apartment, so you need to get along with more people.  There is one bathroom in these apartments that you all share.  There is one CA per building, and they do not have as many events as CA’s in the dorms.  You will more than likely have to buy your own groceries, instead of using a meal plan and having to take the bus to campus many times a day.  They are also the most expensive living option.

2. Julia A. Sears Residence Community

Julia Sears is the second newest dormitory on campus.  They have semi-suite rooms, meaning they are bigger than Crawford or McElroy.  This also means that there are no community bathrooms, 2 roommates share a bathroom that is connected with what are called your “suite mates” or the 2 people in the room next to you.  Each dorm has a sink and mirror, so you share a shower and toilet.  Julia Sears also has a grill on the first floor, with a small convenience store.  The worst part about Julia Sears is that it is far away from everything, and is not connected to any buildings, so you have to walk outside.

1. Preska Residence community

Preska is the newest dorm, only having been open for a few years.  It is connected to the dining center, and many other buildings through tunnels.  They have a shelf that none of the other dorms have by your head, to keep things so you do not have to climb down from your bed.  They are the biggest rooms of any dorm.  They also have a bathroom you share with suite mates.


Nicole Schefers

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