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Night Classes have their pros and cons, and most people take at least one of them in their college career.  Certain people love night classes and think they can focus better during night classes.  However, they are not for everyone. We will start by looking at the pros.


1. You don’t need to wake up early.

You will hopefully be awake by when most night classes start, usually 7 or 8 pm here at MSU.  This means no taking crappy 8ams and only getting a few hours of sleep.  So while your roommates set alarms for 7:30, you can rest easy.

2. They only meet once a week.

If you don’t want to go to the same class multiple times in a week, these classes are for you.  They meet once a week here, so you have a week to do the homework that has been assigned for the class.  That leaves you plenty of time to focus on other homework, or to just forget about the homework until the night before the class.

3. They are lecture based.

Some people do not like lecture based classes, but they are very common at MSU, especially for your generals.  If it is a subject you are not particularly interested in you can sit in the back of the lecture hall and work on other homework or watch Netflix, and the professor will have no idea.  This also means the class probably does not take attendance and the professor does not know everyone well enough to know if a certain student is missing.


1.   They are long.

Because these classes only meet once a week, they are bound to last around 3 hours.  The professors do give you a break that is about 5-10 minutes halfway through, but these classes still feel like they go on for an eternity.

2. They are big.

If you prefer an intimate class setting, night classes may not be for you.  They many time have upwards of 100 students in them and are held in lecture halls.  This means you do not have a lot of opportunities to get to know your classmates, or share your ideas in the class.

3. You may miss events on campus because you have class.

Most dormitories do floor dinners and you are likely to miss these if you have a night class.  They also do fun activities on Wednesdays especially that you will miss by having a night class.  You also have to watch all of your friends hang out without you, while you are stuck in lecture.

There are many pros and cons of night classes, but these are just the main ones.  I encourage everyone to take night classes because you may end up falling in love with them like I did.


Nicole Schefers

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