Hungry? Don’t know where to eat when on campus and you’re about to leave? Well, here’s a list of 10 food places near MSU in Montclair that you MUST go to!

  1. Veggie Heaven

Feeling vegan today? Not wanting much meat? Than go to Veggie Heaven to see a laid-back Chinese place whipping up a vast array of vegetarian & vegan dishes along with bubble tea.

  1. Turtle + the Wolf

Want to visit a place with a great and vibrant atmosphere? Turtle + the Wolf is a buzzy, new American eatery in an industrial-chic setting serving elevated bistro fare, plus BYOB.

  1. Dai-Kichi

Sushi is awesome because every place has their own twist on it. At Dai-Kichi, they make some creative rolls which is their specialty it’s very popular, and it’s an overall casual sushi house with a cool bar upstairs.

  1. De Novo European Pub

Feeling foreign toady? Go to De Novo European Pub for a European-inspired gastropub with food such as charcuterie, pasta dishes & elevated American entrees.

  1. T S Ma Chinese Cuisine

There are a good amount of vegetarian places in Montclair, but not all of them are so good. T S Ma Chinese Cuisine is an upscale Shanghai-style venue which is known for its fresh ingredients & vegetarian choices.

  1. Falafel Hut

Want some quality shawarma or Middle Eastern food in general? Falafel Hut is a casual nook with sidewalk seating featuring traditional Middle Eastern plates in a simple interior.

  1. Tinga

Tinga’s small venue makes you feel very comfortable and at home. This mini-chain branch offers Mexican standards in a colorful setting. BYO beer & wine.

  1. Sandwich Theory

Want a crazy sandwich you’ve never heard of before? Visit Sandwich Theory, a compact eatery featuring inventive specialty sandwiches, panini, wraps, soups & salads.

  1. Four Seasons Kebab House

Want some quality kebab? The Four Seasons Kebab House is a relaxed spot with outdoor seating serving grilled meats, pita wraps & other Mediterranean staples.

  1. Bonjour Montclair Inc

There are some chill spots to just hangout and do some work on your laptop or notebook, like Bonjour Montclair Inc. It’s a simple cafe with a wide menu of sweet & savory crepes, plus specialty sandwiches & outdoor seating.


Sammy Samkough

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