I bet right now you’re hearing from all your teachers that college is a lot harder than high school and it’s a whole new realm. They continue by saying it’s nothing like high school and much harder, where you’re going to be assigned twenty page papers and they’ll be due the next day. This is probably making you very stressed and nervous and not anticipating college at all. Let me tell you something that’ll ease up that stress: The transition from high school to college is not as hard as you think. Here are 10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at MSU!

1. Become organized and stay that way

If you wanna stay on top of things, it’s in your best interest to be organized. Unlike in high school, in college the professors don’t curate your assignments as nicely as your teachers back in high school did. All they do is assign it to the class and it’s up to you to remember to finish it. They won’t be posting any reminders or any threatening measures to make sure you do it, it’s your responsibility now.

2. Care about college – it all matters here

If you don’t care about college and don’t put in the effort, there’s literally no point of staying in it. In order to succeed in college, you’ll need to take responsibility of your action. Usually people don’t have a problem with this because they like what they’re doing in college but with some unnecessary classes, students tend to slack off. That’s why even though some classes might not pertain to your interest, still give it your best so you can keep up that GPA. Believe me, it’ll be worth it in the end.

3. Make time, this is where it counts

College can take up a good amount of time, so it’s up to you to schedule around it accordingly. It’s essential that you sacrifice things that just waste your time and don’t really help you in anyway, like scrolling through your social media for countless of hours. It’s time to set your priorities straight so that you can give college all you got because again, you don’t want to have to waste your time by taking classes again.

4. If you’re not social now, start getting used to it

Classmates are the most clutch of it all when it comes to missing an assignment and hooking it up. There were a couple of times where I couldn’t make it to class and my classmate came like an angel to help me with what I missed. It doesn’t even have to be many friends, as long as you have one friend that if there was something you missed or misunderstood, they can be there to help you 

5. Wake up – don’t miss class

I know that feeling – you have an assignment due the next day and it’s 12am and you still haven’t started it yet. So you take out your laptop and your fingers start typing faster than the speed of light. Due to you staying up, you get horrible sleep and the next day you feel like missing class. I’m telling you right now that you need to get yourself up and go. Doing that will get you into the habit of not getting up and that’s not good because the more you miss class, the more behind you’ll be and the more the professor will think you don’t care about their class.

6. Connect on campus

At MSU, there are tons of things you can be apart of. There are dozens of clubs that you can join (and if you’d like, you can make your own), a handful of activities you can partake in, and several events throughout the week. There are always things to do and they make it easily accessible by making everything relatively close by. With the daily mail that you’ll be receiving from MSU anyways, you’ll never even think that there’s NOT something to do because they give you everything you can do! It’s given to you on a golden plate. Take advantage of it and connect with your campus! It’ll make you wanna work harder and put in the effort.

7. Stay on your professor’s good side

Being good to a professor goes a long way, more than you’re thinking. It’s not just that they’ll be nicer to you in class and maybe bump that 89.9 to a 90, but also if you ever need a letter of recommendation for an application, having that good letter of recommendation can have you look really good.

8. Be wary of your spendings

MSU has delectable eateries like Panda Express, Sam’s, and it’s own on-campus diner. Everyday these tempt me very hard to use my money to just get a small treat. Although it can just be a small treat, these small treats start adding up when you go there everyday. That’s why it’s best to start to self-control yourself now to not go to places you don’t need and also, bring food from home. It can help a lot and believe me, it has with me.

9. You’re not alone

There are moments during the semester where it can get quite lonesome and even worse, quite depressed. That can be because of too much isolation or having a huge workload that you have to keep track of. MSU predicted that some students would encounter this and have centers where you can go to talk to someone at anytime if you need to. You’ll be able to vent, rant, and just take the weight off your chest by communicating to another person. Rest assured, it’s all in privacy.

10. Take advantage of everything

As said before, there are many clubs, activities and events to be apart of. Just because they’re optional doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to it – you really should actually. Why? Because you’re giving your college a lot of money, so mines well take advantage of every single thing they give you. You’ll get more than a degrees worth in terms of experience, and it’ll feel so good because you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your time and money.


Sammy Samkough

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