1. More appeasing setting

The setting affects you in all sorts of ways, ways you don’t even realize. When you’re around a setting that’s gloomy and not well-designed, it won’t make you want to learn, you’ll feel like you’re in prison. You need to feel happy and bright when you go to school cause than you’ll do better subconsciously. You’ll want to go to school, not forced.

2. Beautiful architecture

The architecture is very well-designed. The MSU theme that they have going on is really modern and makes you appreciate the buildings, unlike WPU. At WPU it looks like they just made buildings for students without sticking to a theme. When you have a theme around your campus, it builds more school spirit.

3. Secluded campus

The MSU campus doesn’t feel secluded or closed, it’s very open. You don’t feel like the campus is trying to restrict or limit you from going anywhere and gives you a more open vibe. With WPU though, it feels closed because of the forest around it and the trees, you feel like you’re the only ones which can really have an effect on the way you learn.

4. Daily events

Every single day my MSU email is filled with events to do, inside and outside of the campus. I can tell they really want me to keep my schedule busy and filled with things to do, and at times I do go to the events they recommend me to go to. At WPU though, there’s not much around them to even do and there’s not as much to do within the campus compared to MSU.

5. Exceptional athletics

MSU’s athletics are amazing. Although we’re a D3 school, the athletics are high-tier when it comes to our league and we always come out winning in many sports. With WPU though, I’ve never even heard of their sports and I think it’s because they don’t even try to promote it, even in stores in their area. With MSU though, you see athletic posters all around the town.

6. School spirit

The school spirit is noticeably different, and you can just tell if you were to go to the campus alone. At WPU everyone is usually inside, not really trying to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather because there’s not many places to sit. On the contrary though, with MSU there are many places to sit and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. The design of the school makes you want to stay outside.

7. More people, more connections

There are half as many people at WPU as there is in MSU. MSU has many, many people and why that’s so good is because you’ll be able to make many friends and connections, that won’t even be a worry.

8. Easier software

The software comparison between MSU and WPU is drastically different. When first arriving to college, you get hit with all these new programs and softwares you’re not aware of. With MSU, they make it easy. One website for homework and one website for everything else. They’re easy to use interfaces as well. With WPU though, they make a different website for every single thing and it’s complicated to figure out at first.

9. Alive campus

The campus is much more lively. It makes you want to stay on the campus and hang out with your friends because it’s such an open and social area. Not only that, but there are many places to sit and study. On top of that, they’re nicely built areas, not old and worn out.

10. The view

The view man, the view is amazing from MSU. One of our buildings has an incredible view of the city and you just want to sit there all the time to do your homework. So beautiful.


Sammy Samkough

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