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10 Hardest Courses at Mount Holyoke College?

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Juliet Nduku
9 Apr 2019
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Mount Holyoke College is a purely women’s liberal arts college which is found in South Hadley, Massachusetts, United States. It was established to provide women with education same to that offered to the men in the men-only Ivy-League. The following are some of the courses termed by many students at the college as the hardest:

1. ASIAN 110V – First Year Chinese I

picture of chinese wrtiing

Just the mere thought of imagining having to learn and understand the Mandarin language makes the course hard already. Students emphasize on the listening and speaking ability of the language. You have to be fully committed to learn every aspect of the course.

2. BIOCH 311 – Protein Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism

picture of molecules

The headache that many students experienced while in highschool when dealing with sciences continues in this unit. There is an in-depth study of protein molecules and thermodynamics in biological transformation of energy. The exams are not that easy to pass.

3. COMSC 100 – AN Introduction to Computer Science

picture of computer switchboard

Imagine having to spend all that time learning and trying to grasp all those new computer science terms and techniques taught in the course unit! It becomes overly overwhelming and many students find it hard to cope and drop out of the course.

4. GEOL 107 – Environmental Geology

pictur eof rocks

Did you find learning about the different rocks in geography hard? Well, if this was the case, brace yourself to dig deeper into all that and how many of the earth processes affect our daily lives. Students find it hard in that they have to spent time studying natural processes and solutions to them.

5. MATH 232 – Discrete Mathematics

picture of pencil on paper, writing math equations

Mathematics has always given many people a headache. This is advanced by having to learn more on discrete mathematics. Sets, functions, induction proofs, elementary probability, on top of so much more are entailed in this.

6. X.SPED 438 – Moderate Disabilities Internship II

picture of internship

Do you hate working under supervision? Students are supposed to take field work in teaching in a class for a given period of time. It is becomes difficult in that there is no room for more mistakes like in Internship I and has to demonstrate full understanding of the curriculum.

7. STAT 241 – Methods in Data Science

picture of connections between different bubbles

Topics such as methods in data science, exploring problems, development and implementation of possible data analytic solutions, and more are dealt with in this unit. The hard part of it comes in by having to deal with calculations and equations to analyze data and get those correct results.

8. PHYS 205 – Introduction to Mathematical Methods for Scientists.

picture of math equations

The name alone is a perfect suggest that the course is not a walk in the park! Mathematics combined with the sciences is the general description of the course in order to become that scientist! Linear algebra, vector analysis , ordinary differential equations, fourier series, and so much more is the order of the day in this unit, plus you can't forget the extra hard exams set.

9. LATIN 101 – Elementary Latin I

learn writing and speaking of the Latin language

Have you ever listened to the catholic pope and bishops speak and wondered how one comes to learn such a hard language? In this course you will get a chance to learn writing and speaking of the Latin language. It is never that easy to learn this language.

10. HIST 130 – History of China through 1600

picture representing a historical scene in China

Learning any kind of history has never been simple at all. The vast volumes of notes and past events to cram make this unit heavy in classwork. This becomes a huge problem by having to study about pre-modern China.

These courses are known by students as the hardest. But that shouldn’t discourage any interested student from taking them. A challenge in life is a good thing. If you have the guts to do it, just visit the college’s website and enroll for the next intake.


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