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10 Local Bands Every Mount Royal Student Should Listen To

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12 Jan 2017
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Being a studios student does not always allow enough time to find jams to relax to or dance or study to, and Songza can only do so much. Here are 10 local bands from Calgary and the greater surrounding area that will fill the holes of where the internet just couldn’t.

1. Windigo

Some lovely hazy psych pop for your tired midterm dreaded body. Also shout out to the guitarist who I’m pretty sure I had an Art History class with.

2. Jenny

Just some good ol’ folk punk so you can mosh through those student debt blues. 3. Jnana “Crunked Glitched Out Beats” Jnana’s blend of bass music makes eating that whole bag of Smarties okay because I’ll just dance the calories out.

4. GhostKeeper

Progressive experimental rock comin’ at you. 

5. Teledrome

[embed][/embed] More dance jams for that second bag of Smarties I devoured while paper writing.

6. The Soft Option

Hazy rock n’ roll for swaying to when you receive your marks for the last paper you handed in.

7. Foon Yap

Heavy experimental folk to play in the background as you tell your parents the marks from said paper.

8. No Problem F*** Everything

Some Emo Pop Punk to blast while shoving that paper through the shredder, and crying.

9. Woodpigeon

Quintessential experimental folk from Calgary’s budding music scene. If you ain’t know now ya know.

10. We Are Not Ghosts

Instrumental emo prog. rock that equates well to fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor!


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