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10 of the Easiest Classes at NYIT

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Mickey Abrol
3 Jun 2018
5 min read
Hello Bears! Looking for a light semester or some easy gen eds? Or maybe you want to pad your GPA with an A? Look no further than this article! Here are 10 of the easiest classes you can take at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

1. FCWR 101- Writing I: Foundations of College Composition

This course covers the basics of writing for college- your high school writing technique won't cut it anymore. This class helps you become a stronger writer by thinking critically and incorporating rhetorical devices, as well as introducing you to some of the most common categories of the written word.Writing in a notebook

2.  FILM 101- Fundamentals of Film Production

Release your inner filmmaker! Here, you'll learn all about the theoretical and practical aspects of digital filmmaking. You'll get to experience what's it like to be in various roles, from director to editor. You'll also have the opportunity to produce and edit your very own film.View of a camera filming a scene

3. SOCI 101- Introduction to Sociology

This course focuses on the social and cultural forces that impact human behavior. Topics range from social interaction and organization to socialization processes to ecology.Sociology

4. FCSP 105- Foundations of Speech Communication

This class is a must-take for anyone involved in speaking to groups (hint: all of you). Here, you get to study the fundamentals of verbal communication, from talking in small groups to making speeches in front of huge audiences.A person speaking in front of an audience

5. ARTH 111- Introduction to the Arts

This class is the perfect introduction to art history. It focuses on painting and sculpture throughout different art periods, as well as the architecture. Architecture will by analyzing with regards to the history of painting and sculpture and their development.Close-up of carvings featured on the Metropolitan Museum of Art building

6. FCIQ 101- Foundations of Inquiry

This class focuses on critical thinking and its relevance to everyday life and your classes. It considers research methods, basic logic, and logical fallacies. As an added bonus, this class can help you improve your critical thinking skills for other classes!A thinker next to a question mark

7. FCSC 101- Foundations of Scientific Process

This class is a must-take if you're interested in doing research. Here, you're introduced to the big ideas of difference scientific disciplines. It focuses on the scientific process and how to improve your writing in regards to research.Scientists observing their experiment

8. ETCS 105- Career Discovery

Interested in a technical career? This class will help you battle imposter syndrome and help you develop confidence in the skills needed to excel in your chosen field. This is a multidisciplinary course, and topics include communication skills and ethical, legal, and professional responsibilities.Two puzzled people

9. FCWR 151- Writing II: Foundations of Research Writing

This course is perfect for the budding researcher! In FCWR 151, you further develop your writing skills while focusing on academic writing. You also learn about finding reputable academic sources. By the end of the class, you'll be ready for writing your first paper, and well on the way of becoming a first author on a paper!Research highlighted with a magnifying glass, surrounded by related terms

10. ETCS 365- Engineering & Computer Science Internship

Did you know you can get class credit for doing an internship? Not only are you gaining super-relevant, hands-on job experience, but you're only padding your gpa. However, just a heads up- you'll need to find an eligible internship to take this class.Different aspects of engineeringThese are some of the easiest classes to get an A in at NYIT! Never forget that you can always take one of these classes if you're worrying about a difficult semester coming up.


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