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1- you start to walk fast

As a New Yorker, your pace of walking follows the pace of the city. not only you become to talk fast and eat fast but the city buzz also gets to your feet. talk about a walk of a New Yorker who needs to get to the next class while still managing to write 5 text messages and make a few edits to his/her paper on his/her iPhone!

2- you start becoming aggressive on the street

Living in a busy city in a busy university might exacerbate your tongue and make you more on edge. This usually results in a sharper tone when you’re all anxious and stress and worried about getting to your next destination and some slow tourists are in your way. Or when you’re in line  at the coffee shop notice how the slightest of delays can put you on edge as well. These are all symptoms of going to NYU and living the manhattan life. Always remember to keep calm, breathe, carry on.

3- you don’t fear dressing edgy

NYU encourages the freedom of self expression. One of the signs of being at NYU is that you start not to care about what people think about the way you look. When you’re in a city where you see half naked tattooed people, people wearing black baggy clothes, saris, hijabs, men wearing skirts and women not conforming to feminine standards, the freedom of self expression seeps through you. You start to dress like what you feel like without giving much attention to what people think.

4- you talk anxiously

Another important sign of going to NYU is that you start yo talk fast. Following the rhythm of the busy city and busy university, most of the times work will get to you in innumerable ways and you’ll find yourself rambling at your friends, you know, have you heard about that guy who there his fish from the roof or about Rihanna who wore that Louis Vuitton? Oh yea? I have a test tomorrow and I need more coffee. more coffee.

5- you’re overworked and hungry all the time

When you go to NYU prepare to work. a . lot. When you’re constantly cramming and crunching numbers or those last minute papers, you will find yourself highly overworked and hungry all the time. stock up on snacks and try to take some breaks to help you keep moving! the beat of the city will make you feel sometimes constantly tired , especially if you are from a calmer place in the US or the world, but this will ease out and you will adjust with some time. patience!

6- loud noise doesn’t bother you anymore

Car horns, subway noise, the sound of people on the street, the loud buzz of that truck downstairs or the sound of the construction workers by your dorm, you will always be entertained bus some kind of auditive stimuli. When acquainted well with the atmosphere and environment at NYU, you will get desensitized and still manage to sleep soundly at night in the city that does not sleep.

7-you have more diverse friends

NYU hosts students from all over the US as well as a high percentage of international students coming from all over the world. You find yourself making friends with people who don’t have your similar cultural, religious, or ethnic background . That will help you become exposed to different ways of thinking while challenging yours, and you’ll find yourself suddenly acquainted with so many different cuisines on campus!

8- pizza is your staple

When money hits low, two bros 1$ pizza or the other dollar pizza stores will be of much help. There is a pizza place on every corner on campus, from La Famiglia, to Pizza Mercato and to Tre Giovanni. try to still hit the gym while you’re on that!

9- you develop a pitch in your voice

After spending so much time at NYU you start sounding like a New Yorker. You start to develop a pitch in your “HIIIII” or “BAIIIEEE” , your “Oh. My. God”s become so punctuated and more dramatic, and there will be a soft melody in your “no problem at all” or “have a great dayyyy”.

10- you have no sense of campus

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about NYU is that there is no closed campus like other universities (wink wink at Columbia). the city is your campus, and your class may be located next to the most historical buildings the city has ever witnessed, next to a grocery store or even a bank! You’ll take organic chem lab in a building that used to be a historical factory , and you’ll have your seminar near the Angelika and the IFC following the footsteps of great poets of the beat generation and songwriters like Paul Simon. You’ll have your acting classes next to a citi bank and your next molec. cell lecture is next to a grocery shop. Having no campus will not be a problem once you realize the beauty of the city!


Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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