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1- CAMS-UA 110 The Science of Happiness

Want to learn everything about how to become happy, taught by happy people, to achieve happiness? This course  uses key findings from the fields of neuroscience and positive psychology and looks at the well being of college students.  what is it like to transition into adulthood? How do you create a positive change? what are the underpinnings of success? all of these questions will be answered in an informative and discussion setting. plus it’s super cool to go to class to learn practical things you can apply in your daily life.

2- ENVST-UA 485 Environmental Activism: From the Local to the Global.

Do you care about the environment? is there an activist in you waiting to be unleashed? this course looks at popular social movements and popular NGOs.  It will help you understand the reason why those activists and groups pursue the issues they choose and how they achieve their goals using different approaches. how is activism related to globalization? This is a great course if you are looking to answer this question and make a change in the world . Inspirations!

3- DSEM-UG 1268 The Cultural Politics of Childhood

Politics and psychology are like PB&J. This  interdisciplinary course looks at childhood in the United States from two vantage points—those of public policy makers and of parents. How does public policy shape children’s lives? What historical trends influence the ways that people parent? What happens when parents disagree with laws or conventions regarding how to parent? if you are looking for a course that delves into the politics of childhood, this course is for you.

4-SCA-UA 230 Intersect: Race, Gender, & Sexuality in U.S. Hist

In the midst of all the political turmoil happening in the US and in the world, this course draws on the histories of African, Asian, Latino, European, and Native Americans of both genders and many sexualities, explores the complex and important intersection of gender, race, and sexuality in the United States since the 17th century in case studies.  If you like history and want to talk about its intersection with other identities, this course is your ally!

5- BIOL-UA 500 Environmental and Molecular Analysis of a Disease

Do you like learning about diseases? creepy. This course allows you to learn the different factors that affect disease: both outside of the body (environmental) and inside the body (molecular). you will even study lime disease, collect ticks and analyze them in the lab! it is definitely cool if you are into that. if not, please do not take this class.

6-  PSYCH-UA 74 Motivation and Volition

what gets you up in the morning? what keeps you pushing and keeps you going in your daily life? This psychology course will show you the different theories of motivation and volition, disorders of self-regulation,  as well as the perspective of economics on motivation and volition. Motivate yourself to take this class because it sounds super interesting!

7-CORE-UA 209 001, Physical Science: Quarks to Cosmos

From the smallest units in the universe to the biggest one! This course will answer all your questions if you are wondering about the universe we live in. How old is it? how was it formed? Geared for non science students, this is an accessible way for you to awaken the physicist in you!

8-MEIS-UA 750 Politics of The Middle East

The middle east has maybe gotten you wondering with all of its complexities. you hear it on the news and in conversations globally. This class can be really cool if you are trying to understand the Middle East and its contemporary social and political problems, including the impact of the West; religious and liberal reactions; conflict of nationalisms (Arab, Iranian, Turkish, and Zionist); and revolutionary socialism. Maybe sometime solve the peace problem?

9- ARTH-UA 674 Urban Design & The Law

do you like central park and learning about the city around you? are you a Ted Mosby-like-urban-buff? This class will tell you more about the relationship between physical surroundings and the basis of society in laws, and special bodies such as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; preservation and landmarks; and pollution control measures. go NYC!

10-  POL-UA 382 Politics of Poverty & Welfare

If you are interested in policy and/or social work, this course will teach you loads. This class looks at poverty and welfare problems in the United States and the controversies aroused by them. It concentrates on the causes of dependency among the controversial working-age poor, the history of programs and policies meant to help them, and the enormous impact these issues have had on national politics.


Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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