1- It is so crowded

NYU holds around 50k students coming from all over the U.S. and the world. When it comes to walking around campus there is always a rush. When it comes to event booking, you ALWAYS have to rush because in the blink of a second, tickers are gone! Same happens with classes, and when your favorite class is full…oops!

2- Competition

Students at NYU are all so talented and are all looking to “be a part of it” as Sinatra says. Things can get pretty competitive for grades (especially if you are pre-med) and the race to the A is real. When you are in a type A, all competitive environment, it can be tiring at times.

3- Harsh grading system

At NYU, students don’t have much excuses to not get work done. No one gives you a “special” treatment : kiss those homework or paper “extensions” goodbye. The grading system is also a harsh one and is not up for negotiation with professors. The times where I tried to do that, I failed miserably.

4-  $$$!

Whenever someone mentioned NYU, the first thing came to mind is that 70k tuition and board. Though worth it, when you graduate from there, you will definitely want a job that will help you pay off those loans. Big city life ain’t easy. However, new president Hamilton is making initiatives for affordability. Praise the Lord!

5-  Take a whiff of the city transportation

the NYC subway is not exactly your Michelin 5 start restaurant. If you see rats procreating or running around there, or even the poignant smell of urine, do not freak out. Just remember: you are in one of the most sought out cities in the world. And even though you can’t breathe that terrible smell to calm yourself down there, waiting for a delayed train, just tell yourself: Lord, This Shall Pass.

6- Feel the Roaring Aggression

New Yorkers are not the nicest people. Every one is stressed and hurried all the time. Trust me, the city will make you that way even if you are the sweetest southern gal. The roughness of the city can be difficult at times, but the city will toughen you up and shape who you are.

7- Yikes at the Big classes

Because of the huge number of students, many classes are not super individualized. You may find yourself in classes with lots of students, where you feel shy to ask the questions on your mind. Always make sure to find some time for the TA office hours! they are life savers!

8- Run Away From Crowded Gyms

It is quite possible that you want to go for a workout at Palladium and will see it completely filled, and you would have to run on the treadmill for 25 minutes because the wait is long. When this happens, hit the one in Gramercy, it might be a longer walk but you’ll always find space there!

9- Leave New Yorker Blues

NYU, a fast paced university, might give you the New Yorker Blues: sometimes it is hard to take a break, or breathe and ground yourself in the big city of wild dreams. Always remember the free yoga and meditation at Kimmel, or Yoga to the People. Take a break and calm down!


10- Gimme Brain Like NYU

As the wise Nicki Minaj once said, A Brain Like NYU can cost your pocket and your health a lot. I am not saying it is not worth it, because NYU has given me what no other university could have. But, always remember that there is no “pat on the back” when you get things right, not much encouragement, and it is an environment of getting things done in the right way. This can make you go a long way in life!




Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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