When you move to Manhattan, you meet all kinds of people. At NYU, here are the most common types of students you fill find.

1- The Pre-Med

This type of student almost always has A’s. You find them in all of your study groups and in all of the student study spots. They are the first to raise their hand in class and always talks to the professor after class. Some of them are actually nice and helpful, but beware of the other kind. They will always tell you that they know nothing, when they actually swallowed the textbook. They also won’t share helpful information and might misguide you even.

2- The Econ Party Goer

This person is just ready for a party even at that 8:00 am class. You see them always well dressed and you wonder how they can function so efficiently even after a hard party night. They have a highly followed Instagram and they NEVER refuse a drink or a party.

3- The “No Worries” chill Film Studies bro

This person is always reassuring. They are so chill , you can ride them like a wave. They never worry about anything, and if they fail an exam? No biggie. They’ll “just do better next time”.

4- The Physics Smartie

The Smartie is not a rare specie to encounter at NYU. Surrounded by passionate students, when you encounter a Smartie, they will engage you in meaningful conversations and get your intellectual cells working! They are so passionate about their field, they forget that others have no idea what acceleration is.

5- The Gallatin Emo

The Emo is characterized by lots of black : on their face, hands, toes, clothes and shoes. They almost never have facial expressions and always seem to be unattracted to what is happening around.

6- The Tisch Diva

The Diva always has nice outfits to wear without repeating them. They are constantly taking selfies to post on social media. When you encounter them, just smile to the camera! They are most likely in acting school.

7- The Know-It-All History Buff

They will argue with the professor for the entire class without letting anyone else talk.  They are full of theories and opinions about everything. Even about your weird lime colored pants.

8-The International Student

The traveler will marvel  you with their stories from around the world. They are often multi-lingual and well read. It’s always wonderful to expand your horizons and meet people from different cultures!

9- The Chemistry Scientist

The Scientist is usually silent and posed. They are usually  preoccupied with an experiment in their mind. Like what is the organic structure of non- biodegradable polystyrene?

10- The Social Justice Warrior

Passionate about helping others, the warrior is always complaining about how terrible the world is and thinking of ways to improve it. They will engage you in smart discussions about politics and challenge your views. You might learn something new!


Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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