The most difficult classes at NYU are the math and science classes which are intellectually draining. They pay off in the long run, but taking them is not fun so avoid them if you can. All classes at NYU are difficult some more than others, but these are the top 10 in my opinion and from fellow students I’ve spoken to. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at New York University!

1. MATH-UA211 – Math for Economics

 Upper level math is always difficult and this class is especially. It’s a prerequisite for econ majors to take other classes and it is basically a calculus class but harder because you know you must pass to take other classes to fulfill your major requirement.

2. ECON-UA 10 – Microeconomics

This class requires basic calculus such as derivatives, but whether in Stern and CAS it’s still difficult. There are so many graphs, equations, and things that you must be able to interpret. This class can also be worse if the tests are only multiple choice, but at least the curve is great. BTW Economics in CAS is easier than in Stern

3. Statistics

This class is one of the most difficult due to sheer amount of data, math, equations, and the fact that regressions suck. There are programs to make your life easier such as Minitab, but it is still very difficult. Half the time you’re in class you will probably be looking at your professor like they are crazy, but study hard, pray for a nice curve, and remember to never take classes at 8am if possible.

4. Organic Chemistry

You will honestly want to pull your hair out. Like most science classes it is memorization based, so if you are good at studying and remembering things this is the class for you. It is difficult and you might have a mental breakdown because if it, but if you pass this class you will have completed on of the hardest science classes in the undergraduate level.

5. Biology


Biology is purely memorization, even more so than regular chemistry or organic chemistry. The information is straightforward and simple, but remembering it all is what makes it so difficult. Once again if you have great memory this is the class for you.

6. Chemistry

Chemistry and Chemistry labs are very difficult, but the thing about chemistry is that once you get out you get it. An example is stoichiometry, once you figure out how to do it you always know how to do it. This class requires a lot of patience, memorization, and hard work, but it all pays off in the end. It  also helps to give a basis before you take organic chemistry.

7. Physics

Physics is a true mixture of math and science and that math is what is the most difficult. It is very much a conceptual class so if you learn the concepts well the math comes easier. This is more than Newton and Einstein, this is a class where you will probably have at least one all-nighter.

8. Calculus

Calculus is a class that most students dread taking but are forced to due to it often being a prerequisite for another class. Calculus itself is not very difficult, but it is time consuming which ups if hardness factor. It is truly a class where practice makes perfect and it is often hard to make the time when you have three other classes to study for. If it is too difficult for you initially start off in precalculus or Algebra.

9. Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology

This is an upper level philosophy class which might be one of the most difficult. It is intellectually difficult and so don’t expect it to be a read and write a paper class. In this class, there are no concrete answer, but if you’re a lover of philosophy no matter how difficult this class may be take a shot.

10. Financial Accounting

Though it is an introductory Accounting class it is very difficult as there is so much information. There are many types of statements that you must know how to read, interpret, and create. How easy this class will be will very much depend on your teacher, but if you wish to go into Finance or Accounting this class is a good basis for you.


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