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Call me biased, but my experience at NYU has made me feel that I was a part of the most cultured, diverse and cosmopolitan community in the world. Living in New York City, having your class right next to a blasting music cell phone shop, or what seems to be an ex-sex shop, and having access to more than 20 different ethnic cuisines just in your class break, no biggy.

1 – Halal carts

fancy a bite between classes? don’t want to spend much money? Dollar cupcakes and 50 cents coffee? The halal carts right outside of the Stern building and on Broadway are frequently visited by both students are professors. Don’t forget to ask about the white sauce with that chicken over rice.

2 – No campus? No problem.

NYU does not have one campus like most other schools ( i.e. Columbia, because we hate you guys). A walk from one class to the other may take you 20 minutes sometimes. You can take your morning class in the fancy Casa Italiana, mediterranean style Italian Villa with a garden that transports you to the Renaissance,  spend your afternoon in an ex-factory – Silver Building- that is said to be inhabited by ghosts , especially the 9th floor, and your evening in a hipster Kimmel room.

3 – People cray cray

Your walk to class is heavily entertained by subways, homeless people, busy restaurants, filthy rich corporate guys in suits, hipsters, emo skate boarders, hippie vegan bikers and highly stressed out med students about to rip their hair off if you say hello. 

4 – Kimmel and GCASL are technically the same building.

You may think at first they are separate. They are lying to you. shhhhhhhhh…

If you want to avoid the Kimmel hassle, enter from the GCASL back door.

5 – Bobst has mice.

Spotting a cute little mouse running under the white scary dudes portraits in the lobby is likely possibility from time to time.

6 –   David Schwimmer and Alec Baldwin live next to you.

Your life might start to seem like an episode of  F.R.I.E.N.D.S, living in in a dysfunctional group of people at your dorm, or like a 30Rock group dynamic where you are Tina Fey and the one with the most reasonable sanity.

Your professors and alumni are also mad famous (Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese) and you have to decide between paying attention in class or fainting on the floor in front of everyone else.


7 – Your Dorm has a Story. Get to know it.

Your dorm was most probably an old hotel (Greenwich hotel), a Church (Founder’s Hall), named after a sandwich (Rubin Hall) or right by a nightclub, a sex shop, the sex museum, a homeless shelter or a correctional facility. Living the dream, folks.

The “Global Citizen” complex

As a part of NYU you are not only connected to your NYC community, but to a community that reaches out to 14 different countries and communities. You can study abroad in all continents, while still partying and getting wasted, and finishing up your degree. Did anyone ask about multitasking?

8 – No one really knows how Gallatin works

At Gallatin, you can create your own major, taking multidisciplinary classes at different departments. You can decide to study Harry Potter Magic, Biking as a form of social justice, the relationship between thermodynamics and How I Met Your Mother, or even the color Blue.

9 – Bobcat is a lie

The School team is the Violets, but no one ever cracked the secret of why the mascot is a bobcat.

10 – Free Massages

Stress busters at the Health Promotion office offer free 5-minute back rubs you should take advantage of when you are at your peak exam period stress. The HPO also offers free condoms and other safe sex supplies as well as free female hygiene products. Liberalism at its best.


Fatou Che

Neuroscience and Psychology nerd working in research. loves to cook, listen to people rant about their lives, make weird music, and asparagus.

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