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International Tuition Significantly Outpaces Domestic Tuition at Nipissing University

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Doug Ford's administration is planning on implementing major changes to Ontario universities this upcoming academic year, resulting in major implications for all Ontario students, but mainly international students.

For example, in response to this upcoming year's ten per cent drop in tuition fees for domestic students, some schools are searching for other ways to make up this reduction in tuition revenue.

Since the tuition drop only applies to domestic tuition, a clear alternative for schools is to charge higher international tuition and enroll more international students to compensate for this expected loss.

With serious changes to take place for students from the international community, we looked at international tuition and enrolment data in relation to domestic tuition and enrolment at Nipissing University over the previous 12 years to make Nipissing students aware of the differences between the two student groups, and what to expect when Ford's modifications come into impact.

The overview of our results is that over the years, Nipissing University has been progressively reliant on international students when looking at the increase in international tuition versus domestic tuition.

*When a year is stated, it is the beginning of that academic year. (ie. 2006 refers to the 2006-2007 academic year)

*Data was collected mainly from CUDO (Common University Data Ontario) by the Council of Ontario Universities, school documents such as tuition fee schedules and school-specific CUDO data.

*Tuition fee data was based on the tuition cost for an average undergraduate arts and science full-time degree as this is the metric CUDO uses as a common metric among all Ontario universities.

*The tuition fees stated below refer to the tuition cost for the first-year of studies.

Nipissing University Tuition Fees

International Tuition Fees Increased 2.17 Times More Than Domestic Tuition Fees

Nipissing University's international tuition fees increased more than domestic tuition fees and the inflation rate from 2006-2017 by a significant amount.

The increase in tuition fees for international students at Nipissing University was 2.17x more than domestic student’s fees and 2.96x more than inflation from 2006 to 2017.

The tuition fee for domestic students saw a 26.46 per cent increase in 12 years with fees moving upwards from $4,932 on average in 2006 to $6,236 in 2017.

Whereas, in the same timespan, the fees for international students increased from $11,941 in 2006 to $19,324 in 2017; an increase of 57.50 per cent.

Nipissing University surged the tuition fees for international students very rapidly when compared with domestic fees as the inflow of international students increased in most Ontario universities.

Each Year, International Tuition Fees Increased Almost Six Times More Than Domestic Tuition Fees

international tuition at nipissing university has increased by more than six times the amount of domestic tuition on average from 2006 to 2017

Over the past 12 years, the tuition fee for domestic students increased by $119 on average, annually, whereas for the same period of time, international tuition fees increased by $671.

This trend, in terms of dollar values, indicates the average increase in international tuition fees was 5.6 times more annually when compared to domestic tuition.

Nipissing University has been increasing international tuition at a much higher rate each year to maximize the revenue earned from this lucrative student group.

international tuition at nipissing university has been steadily increasing while domestic tuition has almost flatlined.

The statistics shown are for 2017 dollars, after adjusting for inflation.

It is quite evident from the data that there has been a steep increase in international tuition fees when compared with tuition fees for domestic students over the same period of time.

This sharp hike in tuition fees for international students clearly depicts that the University of Nipissing is relying heavily on international students to increase their tuition revenue.

Especially after 2012, there was a very significant increase in tuition fee for international students whereas for domestic students the hike in tuition fee was relatively insignificant.

From 2009 to 2017, nipissing university's international tuition has outpaced domestic tuition by drastic amounts

When observing the increase in tuition fees on a year-to-year basis, it can be seen that international tuition fees increased very rapidly as compared to domestic tuition fees.

From years 2006 to 2008, the increases were almost similar between international and domestic tuition fees but thereafter, the hike in international tuition fees was much higher than domestic tuition.

For example, from 2012-2013, the tuition fees for international students increased 4.7x more than tuition fees for domestic students.

Over the past 12 years at Nipissing University, the tuition fees for international students increased rapidly as compared to tuition fees for domestic students.

One thing to note is that although the number of international students enrolled each year has been declining, so has the number of domestic students enrolled.

This trend then indicates that despite the decline in international enrolment, Nipissing University has been increasingly reliant on international students through increasing international tuition fees at rates much higher than domestic tuition.

If this trend holds true, it could even be further amplified in order to compensate for the anticipated loss in revenue due to changes made by Doug Ford.

Current and future international students should keep in mind that there is a very likely chance of further tuition hikes in the near future.


*International Student Fees NOTE:

One important thing to note is that the fees being used to calculate international fees do not include ancillary fees, UHIP, Ontario's International Recovery Fee, etc.

Although ancillary fees are typically equal for both domestic and international students, extra fees such as UHIP and Ontario's International Recovery Fee could add an additional $1000-$2000 to an international student's yearly fees.

Which would further widen the gap between total international and domestic fees.

*Ancillary fees, Incidental fees, UHIP, Ontario’s International Recovery fee, and any other fees were excluded from calculations; only tuition fees were included.

*Enrolment data was collected from CUDO by the Council of Ontario Universities.

*See here for a similar analysis but on Ontario as a whole:
Ontario Universities' Increasing Reliance on International Students


Nipissing University CUDO Data

CUDO Tool by the Council of Ontario Universities

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