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College can be intimidating. A new routine, a new place to call home, and let’s face it, new friends. Meeting new people can be scary but here are 8 tips that can certainly make your experience easier.


1. Make an effort to attend as many welcome week activities as you can.

These events are put on for a reason and all of them are free so it definitely is to your advantage to attend as many as you can!  Welcome week activities are diverse and are a lot of fun. It is definitely one of the best times to make friends because everyone is new and looking to meet people from different places. Some of these events include Speed Friending, Rec-Fest, and a Beach BBQ!


2. Join a Sorority or Fraternity.

This may be one of the most obvious tips on this list and it is something that may not be for everyone! Sororities and Fraternities can be a great way to get involved on campus and meet a ton of new people. If you are considering rushing, make sure to do your research and talk to your parents about it.



3. Play an Intramural Sport.

A lot of people are heavily involved with sports in High School and suddenly stop playing in college because they don’t want the commitment that comes with D1 or Club. Luckily, Intramurals offer a fun and relaxed alternative! You can make a team with friends that you met during the first few weeks or you can even be added as a free agent and play with a group of people who you don’t know.

Intramural teams


4. Join a Club.

Here’s another obvious tip but definitely an important one to mention. During the first few weeks after move in, there will always be tables set up around the Brickyard, Talley, and Wolf plaza. There are over 500 clubs offered at North Carolina State University and you can read descriptions about all of them online. It’s not hard to find a few clubs that may spark your interest and it never hurts to go to multiple meetings until you find something that you love!


5. Take Group Fitness Classes at Carmichael.

North Carolina State University offers free fitness classes at various times during the day so you can work around your schedule. It’s super easy to sign up on and it can be a great way to meet new friends. They offer Zumba, Weight lifting, Yoga, Cycling, and so much more!



6. Go on an Outdoor Adventure Trip.

University Recreation offers a lot of fun trips throughout the year for students who love the outdoors and want to try new things. The trips are affordable and allow you to meet a lot of new people whom you might not meet otherwise. They offer hiking, kayaking, and zip lining to name a few.

Hiker walks on train in Himalayas


7. Introduce Yourself to Your Suite Mates or Hall Mates.

Some of your closest friends will be the ones on your hall or in your suite. It’s important to be outgoing and introduce yourself to them as soon as you are settled in as you will be living with them for the year.



8. Join Your Residence Hall Council.

As a Freshman you are required to live on campus in a Residence Hall. Every Residence Hall needs a council to make executive decisions and plan bonding events. If you like to be in charge and make a difference this could be a great way to become closer to people in your building. Talk to your Resident Director about a possible position on the board!

The Court of North Carolina. Photo by Marc Hall


College can be an amazing time to meet lifelong friends, but in order to do so you have to step out of your comfort zone and try new things! This starts as soon as you move in by introducing yourself and attending welcome week events. You can continue to meet new friends throughout the year by becoming involved with intramural sports, clubs, and by going to the gym.


Rebekah Gregg

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