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The time to look for a new place to live is upon us. Looking for a new place to live can get stressful and overwhelming. But, you’re not alone. As you search through the dorm and apartment catalogs of NC State University, here are the top 5 reasons to consider living at North Residence Hall.

1. Bathrooms

We all know how the struggle of bathrooms can be in college. Either you have to use it in a public place or share it with a certain amount of people. However, at North, you have your own bathroom that you share with just your roommate! The bathroom is also right in your room, so no making long trips in the middle of the night.


2. Location

Right on the edge of Hillsborough Street, North Residence Hall is walking distance from all the best places on campus. For example, Cameron Village is just a few minutes walk from one side of North and D.H. Hill Library is a few minutes walk from the other side. North residents are also close to all the places to eat on Hillsborough itself, so options are never limited!


3. Lounges

The lounges inside North Hall are always bright and merry. The RA’s always do a good job of putting motivational posters on the walls and keeping you focused on doing your best in college. There are also always some events going on such as movie viewings, show premieres, or even just hanging out together and cooking some food!



The views of North Hall are beautiful from all angles. Whether you’re living on the front side of the building and enjoying the view of the belltower and sections of downtown Raleigh, or living on the back side and seeing the beautiful greenery and fall colors arise as the seasons change.


5. Resident Advisors

All the RA’s at North are some of the nicest people you will meet. They constantly push you to do your best and if you ever have any struggles they’re right there waiting to help you and do whatever they can to make your life easier. They also host many events throughout the year to make your transition to college easier, as well as to make you feel more at home.


Making your dorm a home can be very difficult in college, but North has various different reasons why it quickly finds a place in your heart as a second home. By living in North, you feel at ease and without any worries that living in other dorm styles can bring.


Inayya Jawad

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