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As a freshman, we know registration can be frustrating when you watch as your classes get filled and you cross your fingers as the time gets closer to your 12:00 registration time and get your trigger finger ready as there’s one seat left in that calculus class with the “easy” teacher. Well here are some tips to hopefully put that trigger finger at ease and make registration week a little less stressful!

Yes, get ready to be “wow”ed!

1. Let your advisor know your concerns

Advisors are the people who let the hold go when you first register for your first semester at state, and sometimes they can pre-register you for those really important “MUST HAVE THIS SEMESTER” classes. Now, don’t get us wrong, they won’t register you for every single class a month early, BUT if you have a legitimate reason for needing the class this semester – they can help.

2. Are you in NCSU Honors?

If you are a member of the NCSU Honors program you have an early registration date which can put you next to the class ahead of you. As a freshman you could be registering with sophomores, or at least ahead of the rest of your class who are trying to take the same classes you are.

3. Make sure you update your enrollment wizard.

When classes fill up, as some will, it’s uber important to make sure you update it and put in the correct classes so that when it becomes time to click that button and turn the blues to greens, you don’t have anything to slow you down.

4. Do take note of the exact time you can register.

Many students are in class during their registration time, and many students have the same registration time as you do. If you can in fact click enroll exactly when it allows you, you could be registering before everyone else that has your time or any time after yours.

When the next registration comes around later this spring, we hope this begins to put you at ease and help you perfect your next class schedule – we know 8:30am sections are quite awful if you’re not a morning person!


Samantha Lenger

Hi! I'm a Marketing and Economics major at NC State University! I love traveling, coffee, and adventures. In my free time I write, watch cheesy movies, and play with my dog. On a typical day, I drink too much coffee but love it anyway!

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