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New semester means new classes, which means all new professors to get to know and to learn how to ace their classes! Some professors give tests with all multiple choice, some all essays, and some never say. It can be confusing to try to find old students or dig up old reviews on teacher rating websites and try to follow their advice. That’s why you no longer have to – this is your guide to acing ANT 252.

1. Lectures

For this class, you MUST go to the lectures. Yes we know, we’re sorry to break it to you but anything said during lectures is valid material to be tested on. Trust us, you don’t want to rely on someones notes when tests are such a huge portion of your grade. However, the professor normally emphasizes the really important material said out loud so that if you are paying attention you will remember it on the midterm exams.

2. Powerpoints

Power-points are available ahead of time and if possible it would be super helpful if you could take notes on the power-points and read them ahead of time. This would make taking notes in class and trying to absorb so much information much easier and much less stressful. This can be done in OneNote or they can be printed out “Note” style with room around the slides to take notes. This may seem “extra” but this course has so much dense information that you will need a way to organize it better and learn it easier!

3. Readings

For one of the ANT 252 classes, there are three textbooks – so you may wonder what’s necessary, important, and when they really need to be done. Well, one is an exact textbook with definitions and brief case studies while another goes in depth into specific cultures that then show the different terms. The professor normally warns you when there is going to be a quiz on the readings but reading beforehand makes understanding the lectures easier and reinforces the material you read which then helps your brain remember it – so ideally yes, it does matter, you do discuss it in class.

4. Film Clips

This was the worst part – film clips. You have no way to rewatch these 95% of the time as they’re on a disc that your professor has bought, so you must pay attention and take notes on these films as they WILL be on all tests. This can vary from a 5 minute video to a documentary that takes up two class periods – all of them are important and all of them could be tested on. If you really want to review the videos talk to the professor about the key points during office hours!

5. Tests

You will likely have two midterm exams and one final exam, the first two are not cumulative but the final is. The tests for Professor Greene are all multiple choice except for two maps that you will have to fill in the blanks on – be sure to know those as there is no use in losing points over the easy questions. The test averages are usually high C’s to low B’s and there is no curve based on the test scores.

6. Quizzes/Classwork

There will be individual, partner, and group classwork and pop quizzes given that will test your knowledge on the readings that were assigned for homework. Most of the time you will know in advance when these will be so you can catch up on reading but they are not always easy and it is likely you may get a 90-95 on them instead of a 100 – they’re definitely not graded for participation.

7. Extra Credit

There are a couple select opportunities for extra credit in the course but they are not given easily and not in plenty. There is a documentary viewing and a cultural exercise that you can participate in for extra credit – basically showing above average interest and dedication in the course. However, we do suggest you attend these if you can as it could raise your overall grade by a point or two in the end, which could be the vital amount that changes that A- to an A or whichever grade you are bordering on.

This course isn’t an easy one, but the professors are amazing and engaged experts in the field – but they love it and go into detail. It is one of the most information heavy courses available to intro level students and seniors alike, it attracts all kinds of majors from Anthropology to Sports Management to English. Good luck, and get to those readings – you’ll need to actually do them!


Samantha Lenger

Hi! I'm a Marketing and Economics major at NC State University! I love traveling, coffee, and adventures. In my free time I write, watch cheesy movies, and play with my dog. On a typical day, I drink too much coffee but love it anyway!

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