Chemistry is one of the hardest courses to understand – at NC State and beyond. It twists your brain and makes you think in ways you never would have beforehand. However, there are still many ways to excel in such a hard course.

1. WebAssign

The number one way to make sure you do well is staying on top of homework, as well as any extra practice problems. Many students slack off and tend to believe that what they learn in lecture and lab will be enough, however, practice is key. Doing the WebAssign problems ensures you understand the material and can apply it in various different ways.


2. Office Hours

Professors don’t have office hours for no reason. They are specifically catered to allow ask for help on any concepts you don’t understand and broaden your thinking skills. Most professors have different times and days for their office hours so you can accommodate based on your schedule.


3. Tutorial Center

Mary Anne Fox Science Center has a tutorial center for all different types of chemistry. The tutors there are well versed in the topics you discuss in class and are able to make chemistry seem like an easier subject to tackle. The hours of this center are also very convenient, giving you no excuse to not go.


4. SI Sessions

A very convenient addition of Chem 101 at NC State is the use of Student Information. This is when a student who has already taken the chemistry course sits in on the lecture and learns the same way you learn in the course. Then, on various days of the week, the tutor holds a tutorial on the topics covered on those particular days, as well as test review sessions.


5. Seating Placement

Something surprising that will help you do well in chemistry is where you sit in the classroom. Most Chem 101 lectures are held in Dabney 222, which is a huge lecture hall. In order to do well, it’s best to sit in the front, middle area of the classroom. This way, you can easily see all the boards, as well as any in-class chemical demonstrations the professor decides to do.


Chemistry is an extremely hard course to tackle. From the confusing concepts to the large lecture halls, everything about it seems to be intimidating. However, there are ways to get around the anxiety of a difficult class, such as seating placement and the various tutorial centers available on NC State‘s campus.


Inayya Jawad

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