First let’s talk about food that are on Campus at Northeastern University.

1. Chicken Lous

Chicken Lou’s is a staple of Northeastern pride. It’s juicy, artery-clogging menu will literally give you diabetes by just walking past and sniffing the air, but you DEFINITELY have to try a TKO there before you graduate.  But don’t get addicted, or else you’ll be spending your free time at Marino.

2. Rebecca’s

Rebecca’s is a treasure but also a curse. Located underneath Churchill Hall, this dining-hall-swipe-friendly spot is open 7am-4pm on weekdays.  Their sandwiches and grill are amazing, but the wait is incredible.  Make sure to get there right in the middle of a class period, and don’t even bother trying to go immediately after class.  I would highly recommend the Tuscan Turkey for your first start, and then move on to a Rebecca Roll.

3. Qdoba

Located right across the street from Marino, you can stop into Qdoba and grab a nice burrito or taco after a well-earned workout. The line can sometimes be long but their free guac is definitely worth it.  Highly recommend trying a smothered burrito, with cheese sauce on the inside AND outside of it.  Heaven via queso.

4. Amelia’s

There is a constant battle between students on which burrito place is better: Qdoba or Amelia’s. Amelia’s isn’t TECHNICALLY on campus like Qdoba is, but it’s like 2 steps away from it.  Amelia’s has better vegetarian options and offer amazing churros, but they charge for guac while Qdoba doesn’t.  If you’re looking to treat yourself to a slightly more “authentic” Mexican cuisine, you should take the extra few steps to Amelia’s.

5. Uburger

When you walk into Curry Student Center, all you can smell is the grease and no matter what diet you’re on, you suddenly crave Popeyes. Stay away from that though and hit up Uburger.  Located right next to where Taco Bell used to be (R.I.P.), Uburger has tons of hamburger, chicken patty burgers, turkey burger, and veggie burger options.  They’re shakes are to DIE for – would highly recommend treating yourself to an Oreo Shake after a hard exam.


6. Crispy Dough Pizzeria

As a New York native, Boston pizza stinks. It’s true.  But the closest I’ve found to eating good pizza is down Tremont St, about a 10 minute walk from campus, to Crispy Dough Pizza.  You absolutely need to try their Buffalo Chicken slices, as well as their Chicken Bacon Ranch.  They have Italian dishes as well if you’re not feeling pizza – but let’s be honest – when do you NOT want pizza?  It’s highly addictive and 1000% better than UHOP, Sweet Tomatoes in Curry, and especially better than BHOP.

7. Mike’s Donuts

Do you live on the hill and wake up on the weekends craving something very unhealthy but also amazing? Get your lazy butt out of bed and walk down Tremont St. to Mike’s Donuts for a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel.  Let me tell you, as a New York native, I am VERY picky when it comes to bagel sandwiches.  Mike’s is as close to a NY bagel place as you will find near campus.  They have amazing donuts as well and their coffee is phenomenal.  Plus, if you go there often enough, the wonderfully nice ladies who work behind the counter slip you a few donut holes.  And keep an eye out for their coffee punch cards – if you purchase 9 coffees, you get the 10th free!

8. Butterfly Falafel

Located conveniently inside Roxbury Crossing Orange Line stop, Butterfly Falafel is the best location near campus for falafel. So when you get off the T after a long day of classes or co-op and are about to go to your off-campus apartment, and you can choose between either Dominos or Butterfly Falafel, you’ll know what to do. Love yourself; get a falafel veggie plate.


9. Lucy’s Ethiopian Cafe

Going on a fancy date with someone not from Tinder? Want to impress them with your “worldly tastes”?  Take them to Lucy’s on Mass Ave.  It’s about a 5-10 minute walk off campus, right by Symphony Hall.  You order a bunch of little plates and try a bunch of new, interesting food.  Go there with your friends before the date and figure out what you actually like if you’ve never had Ethiopian before, so you can definitely pronounce things correctly and seem super cultured to your date.

10. Pho Basil

Great first date location!!!!! Located down Mass Ave near Berklee’s campus, this little Thai place has a ton of options and everything tastes wonderful.  I would’ve recommended Pho and I, which is closer to campus down Huntington, since I went there on a first date once – but another time I went back and there was a dead fly on our table.  So that kind of ruined the mood.  Stick to Pho Basil and if you’re basic, like me, stick with Pad Thai, or Crispy Pad Thai if you’re slightly less basic.

11. Rice Bowl

Looking for cheap Chinese food near campus? Definitely hit up Rice Bowl.  They have all your Chinese food cravings and they deliver!  But if you feel like taking a short 5-10 minute walk, it’s down Hemenway and will help you to burn off the way-too-many calories you’re going to consume in fried rice and lo mein.


12. Gyro City

We’ve all got that one Greek friend, and whether they’re in a sorority/frat or not, they’ll recommend Gyro City. This area is a little bit of a further walk, about 15-20 minutes, but you could get delivery if you really want.  After a nice stroll through the Fens, and halfway to Fenway Park, you’ll hit a strip of restaurants, including this one, that’s wonderful.  I highly recommend their Chicken Souvlaki.  Very filling, very Greek, very good.

13. El Pelon Taqueria

El Pelon is another cute date restaurant if you want to walk through the Fens holding hands to get there. They have all the food a taqueria should and it’s really tasty, for a low price!  This is a weird suggestion but they have really great lemonade if you’re thirsty on a hot spring day.  Definitely suggest going (or getting delivery)!

14. Neighborhood’s Coffee and Crepes

Do you want to go out to brunch with your girlfriends but you aren’t 21 yet and you don’t have a lot of money? Neighborhood’s is the place for you!  It’s a great place to take your girlfriend to gossip over crepes and coffee, and it’s down that same strip as the other two above.  You could also just have a weird hungry day of eating at Gyro City, then El Pelon, and then finishing it off with dessert at Neighborhood’s.  Don’t recommend the combo, but definitely recommend coming here at least once!

15. Tasty Burger

And finally, we have the legendary Tasty Burger! Right outside Fenway Park, this is a wonderful location for a good burger and beer.  The Starvin’ Student deal makes this worth it, where you can get a burger, fries, and a beer for $10 with your ID.  Their burgers are pretty good and they have sweet shakes as well if you’re feeling that over alcohol.  And if you’re not, they have tons of alcohol choices.  Just try not to go on a night when there’s a Red Sox game or you’ll regret it and wind up at the food court in CityTarget.  But you DEFINITELY need to go to Tasty Burger before your time at Northeastern is up!!!


16. Punjab Palace

There’s no real good Indian food places near campus, but if you’re on co-op and have a little extra money and a craving for Chicken Tikka Masala, call up Punjab Palace and order their Vegetable Samosas as an appetizer. Their Indian food is INCREDIBLE and although pricey, very worth it to treat yourself at least once a semester.  Don’t forget the naan!


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