1. If You’re Not Part of Northeastern’s Meme Collective, You’re Missing Out.

Northeastern’s Meme Collective is an absolutely hysterical collection of customized memes for us huskies. Nearly the entire student body can relate to most of the content put out in this group, and it shows by the amount of support each post gets. I won’t spoil the fun for you, though. If you’re so inclined, go check it out. However, if you’re not a Northeastern student, you may not get it. Furthermore, if you are specifically a Boston University student, then it sucks to BU.

2. You Live and Die by the Greenline

To quote the popular “Northeastern State of Mind,” a fabulous Youtube video, if you attend Northeastern University, you will live and die by the greenline.

Huntington Avenue cuts our campus right in half. Along Huntington runs the Greenline E train running from Heath Street in Roxbury Crossing to Lechmere in Cambridge, MA. On top of this form of transportation’s lack of reliability, crossing the tracks during rush hours gives you an extra special fear for your life. At times, you may be able to run as fast as this train treks along. However, if a Northeastern student needs to commute or get somewhere, it’s a very convenient choice.

3. You Cannot Go to Marino from Jan 1st-7th

If there’s anything regular Marino Fitness members know is that any other time of the year, they rule the roost. Those 5:00 am weight room attendees have a quiet, peaceful dojo of their own. Machines are in high supply. Exercise mats and floor space are decently available, as well. All is great. However, between the dates of January 1st-7th of every year, the everyday gym goers get pushed aside for the “New Year’s Resolution” Crowd. Every single machine is taken, particularly ellipticals. There’s no floor space-not a mat to be seen. Their private 5:00 am dojo quickly becomes a jungle. But, wait it out long enough, and about a week into the New Year, the crowd will thin again, restoring peace and balance for all. Thank goodness.

4. The Law Library Is Where It’s At

Snell library is the extremely popular studying location choice for all students. With 4 floors and a basement of classrooms, you would think there would be endless seating availability! You’d be wrong. During midterms, finals, or truly between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm, you’re going to absolutely struggle to find a spot to sit down and begin your work. Catch students doing laps around each floor, wandering aimlessly for a purpose, hoping to find that holy grail… an empty table. Northeastern students learn quickly that there needs to be a plan B when it comes to finding a spot to study. Truly knowledgeable huskies have found that the Law Library is where it’s at. It’s quiet, still quite spacious, and for some reason, much less popular than Snell. Finally…seating for all! Hallelujah.

5. The 4th Floor is Scary as Heck

Speaking of Snell Library, let’s talk about the infamous 4th floor. For those of you who don’t know, the library is separated into 4 floors. The first floor is where anything goes; the foot traffic coming in and out of the building causes a myriad of noises all day long. There’s a cafe, tables for conversation, couches, etc. The second floor is still conversational, yet more structured. You can still chat, house group meetings and projects, study with a group of friends aloud, etc. The third floor is the quiet floor. All conversation must be kept to a hushed tone, but most is quiet studying. And, finally, the fourth floor is the silent floor. The quick noise of unzipping a backpack may earn you multiple dirty looks. Hungry for an apple? Think again, pal. You’ll be judged. And, as a bonus feature, Northeastern students can text a number and a library employee will show up to “shush” the loud perpetrator. For some, 4th floor studying causes even more stress during a study session. For others, it’s a safe haven of absolute serenity. What say you?

6. Northeastern Sports Will Always Be Relevant

Though the school has certainly had recent, well-known victories (ex: Northeastern Basketball 2015), many could argue that our school is less-than-relevant in the world of sports. In 2009, the school made the tough decision to end the 74-year-old football program. In recent year, the success of certain programs have varied. However, our arena, Matthews Arena, home to our hockey and basketball teams as well as many other programs, holds the key to Northeastern’s lasting mark on history in the realm of sports. Opened in 1910, originally named Boston Arena, this facility was the original home of both the Boston Bruins as well as the Boston Celtics. The Celtics still regard Matthews as their secondary home. It is the oldest ice hockey arena still in use today. Purchased by Northeastern in 1979, renamed, and restored to its former glory, this historic spot is cherished by students and the huskies’ athletic programs. In short, we’ll always be sport-relevant; we’re classic. Deal with it.

7. Co-op Is Amazing

“Co-op,” which stands for Cooperative Education, is an amazing feature of Northeastern University’s curriculum. Students are guided by an amazing staff of advisors through a process of applying, interviewing, and accepting job opportunities in the surrounding Boston area as well as almost every state in the country and multiple other countries! With the right resources, students can even create new co-op sites of their own. Each student embarks on their journey through the working world for a six month stent. During this time, most students are paid for their work, but all students do not have to pay tuition during this time. You are credited through the university for your time in the field of your choice. You’ve got no tests, no quizzes, no finals, no homework, and no general school-work stress! Say goodbye to the library for six months, and earn some stellar resume points. Annddddd..,let’s not forget you’ll be making money.

8. We’re A Boston School WITH a Campus Life

When you think of Boston colleges and universities, most will immediately picture multiple academic buildings clustered together, plopped down in the middle of a city. Due to the nature of city life, most campuses *cough cough Boston University cough cough* will not have any green spaces nor that feel of a classic college “campus.” However, we Huskies know that to be different. With two sizely green spaces of our own, Centennial and Krentzman Quadrangle, the school makes sure to host a slew of outdoor activities throughout the year. There are other large spaces such as Snell Library Quad, the sand volleyball court behind Willis Hall, The Freshman Quad, and others. Northeastern does a great job of promoting spirit and togetherness through campus life. It is pretty wonderful.

9. You’ve Got To Rub The Nose

In the front lobby of Blackman Auditorium, contained in Ell Hall, is a statue of our mascot, the husky. This pup sits proudly, staring right at you as you walk in the front doors. For superstitious Northeastern students especially, the statue is essential. The legend goes, rubbing the nose of the husky will bring you good luck. Before students take a test or final exam, they know there’s a chance of grabbing a little extra good luck if they make a visit to Ell Hall.

10. You Simply Cannot Go to Rebecca’s Cafe at 11:30a

Every student knows that, objectively, Rebecca’s Cafe is the best, most popular lunch eatery on campus. However, if you were planning on grabbing a bite immediately after your class dismisses at 11:30am, think again. Based on general class schedules, there are many classes which end at exactly this time every day. Especially for students who started their day bright and early with an 8:00am class, 11:30am seems like the perfect time to partake in some lunch. As it turns out, every single student has the same idea. The crowd piles in; it takes about 5 minutes to walk three steps in there. The sandwich line twists and turns, and the grill line is out the door. If you choose to embark on this journey, God’s speed. If you think your stomach can hang on for an hour or so, you’ll be in the clear. And, trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.


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