The Best Northeastern University Professors

1. Professor Simone Elias

Rating – 100%

Courses Taught by Professor Simone Elias

1. CLTR3900 – Learn More
2. DS300 – Learn More
3. PORT1101 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Simone Elias

“Simone is intelligent, yet very humble about her knowledge. Everyone loves her and her courses are very popular. You’ll learn a lot in her classes.”

“Simone is wicked smart, intelligent, and very patient with her students. She is a great adviser and the best prof I had at NU.”

“Just heard that Dr. Elias left NU I had her for a DS class and she was my friend’s advisor. I can only say good things about her ways of teaching, very intelligent and happy person.”

2. Professor Balasubrama Maheswaran

Rating – 99%
Department – Physics

Courses Taught by Professor Balasubrama Maheswaran

1. GE1501 – Learn More
2. GE1111 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Balasubrama Maheswaran

“Bala is funny and lowkey thicc af. Its better to come into this course (GE1501/1502) with a little background knowledge of at least one of the four topics you cover in cornerstone (matlab, c++, Arduino/breadboarding, autocad/solidworks). Class is chill but he pop quizzes a lot to promote attendance. Homework (2-3 hrs/week) is easier in groups”

“I like the course and the professor.”

“Bala is easily the best professor I’ve had and that’s even considering I sat in his class for 3.5 hours in a row twice a week for the honors “cornerstone” course. He is extremely helpful and gives us plenty of interesting group projects to work on. Previous experience with the programs used is not necessary but helped me tremendously.”

3. Professor Arnie Arluke

Rating – 97%
Department – Sociology

Courses Taught by Professor Arnie Arluke

1. SOCI1101 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Arnie Arluke

“Arnie is incredible, I took his class at 9:15 am and always looked forward to it. The stories he tells in class are fascinating and tie into the material incredibly well. I took his class two full years ago and decided just now I needed to write this review. Thats how awesome the class is. Take it!!”


“Hands down the best professor I have ever had! I honestly didn’t think it’s even possible to enjoy a college class, but his classes were really interesting and entertaining”

4. Professor Patrick Hurley

Rating – 96%
Department – Accounting

Courses Taught by Professor Arnie Arluke

1. ACCT1201 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Arnie Arluke

“Thought I would hate accounting, ended up being one of my favorite classes. He’s funny and understands how college students act. Writes notes out every class and always does examples. answers any questions you have and explains things perfectly. Provides plenty of resources and cares greatly about his students.”

“Professor Hurley makes accounting enjoyable. His lectures are nicely paced and easy to follow. His exams are on the tougher side, however there are a lot of other opportunities to raise your grade. Overall he is a very fair and informative professor.”

“Professor Hurley is a very enthusicastic and funny professor that makes the material easy to learn. He is always around to help if need be. His grading is very fair. If you want to do well in his class, go to his lectures and pay attention. He pretty much lays out all the information you need to do well. His class is very enjoyable.”

5. Professor Jim Anderson

Rating – 95%

Courses Taught by Professor Arnie Arluke

1. MUSI1230 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Arnie Arluke

“I wish I could choose more tags to describe Jim. He’s the most passionate, hilarious, and most mellow professor ever. He loves what he does and wants to share it with the world.”

“Jim is a great, great man and if you have a chance to take a class with him do it! If you take his recording class but don’t know much about recording, definitely get the reading and educate yourself because it is easy to get lost, that’s the only reason why the class can be difficult. He really cares for his students. A+++”

“I would take a class on breathing if it was taught by Jim. His recording class was my favorite class this semester, and the only one I actually wanted to go to every week.”

The Worst Northeastern University Professors

1. Professor Richard Kesner

Rating – 40%
Department – Management

Courses Taught by Professor Simone Elias

1. MISM2301 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Simone Elias

“MISM was literally the least useful class I took at Northeastern and this professor is on my list of least helpful professors I’ve ever had. He gives completely unhelpful feedback on all of his homework assignments, which end up just being busy work. I’m glad I took the class online and didn’t have to deal with him in person.”

“PART 5: AT ALL COSTS. If you care about your GPA at all, you would take this review into consideration. Last but not least, I understand that this review is coming from one student, myself, but I regret to say that I have heard other students in my class share the same sentiment as me in terms of our view of Professor Kesner.”

“Teaches based on his own personal written “book” – no textbook. You’ll never get the answers right no matter how many hours you work. He tells you he doesn’t give A’s – even if your work is perfect and he is not kidding. You have to record your group project sessions and he DOES watch them. Not sure how he’s still allowed to be “teaching”. RUN.”

2. Professor Jeremy Russell

Rating – 46%
Department – Mathematics

Courses Taught by Professor Jeremy Russell

1. MAT127 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Jeremy Russell

“everyone I’ve spoken to says he’s hilarious . i thought it might be me, so i tried warming up to him but i just can’t. hes rude, bitter, and sarcastic. he also doesn’t explain why you do anything in calc. all my friends that didn’t take calc before were so confused as to whats a derivative. he just goes off on math rants that make him look crazy.”

“Introduced a new theorem to memorize the week before the final and was unclear what we needed to provide from it. I felt I understood the course material but the tests and quizzes were too difficult to prove what I learned. The class atmosphere was very intense and no one volunteered for anything by the end of the semester. Disappointing.”

“The class wasn’t that hard but the professor was not good at all. Probably the worst teacher I have had in my life. Went on and on about what calculus is instead of teaching us how to solve every problem we would encounter. He claimed there was no algorithm for that. Yeah, I am pretty sure there is since I learned it in high school.”

3. Professor Sungwoo Kim

Rating – 47%
Department – Economics

Courses Taught by Professor Sungwoo Kim

1. ECON2316 – Learn More
2. ECON116 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Sungwoo Kim

“This professor started off explaining the simple stuff well, as soon as we got to chapter 3 he fell off and couldn’t hold it together. Can barely finish his point because his english is very poor. Very hard to understand, impossible to figure out what grade you have and if you think you know the material, you don’t in his eyes.”

“Professor Kim’s class was awful to take. Wouldn’t recommend. Me and my buddy called him Confucius because he is 85, quiet, and hard to understand. The class was broken down as follows: 10% homework (3 13pagers), 40% midterms (2), and 50% final. These were almost impossible to pass, even after near all nighters to study. The final hurts your grade.”

“terrible teacher, probably the worst teacher I had through my freeman year. can be funny sometimes if you understand what he is trying to say, cant speak english at all. midterms are hard and out of like 300 points, don’t take it, if you have it change it, if you can’t change it then drop it”

4. Professor Viera Proulx

Rating – 48%
Department – Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor Viera Proulx

1. CS1100 – Learn More
2. CS2510 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Viera Proulx

“Seriously, don’t take her.”

“Awful professor. She’s awful at explaining things and her lectures are painful to sit through. Take this class with someone else if you can.”

“Terrible professor! Try your best not to be in her section!”

5. Professor William Clinger

Rating – 49%
Department – Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor William Clinger

1. CS5010 – Learn More
2. CS3500 – Learn More
3. CS4500 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor William Clinger

“Sheer waste of money. Boasts about himself, hardly tries to teach anything. One of the worst professors in Northeastern University.”

“Waste the money”

“His lectures are a total waste of time because he talks about totally irrelevant stuff. The homeworks are a waste of time because they don’t teach you anything. The tests will have questions about minor insignificant details from the lectures so you still have to attend class even if he never teaches you anything.”


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